They chose punishment. I chose forgiveness What do you mean punishment Just because of what. Don’t deserve punishment. What happened. It was not stolen It all belongs to him. What went wrong here. No penalty for keeping it. No nemesis for keeping it. But leniency. Do you have Sympathy. Be compassionate . Why the injury. […]

DEATH?.DATE and TIME. (His spirit should not Hunt you at night)

In the beginning when God created heaven and earth, night, day, darkness, light, the seas and the land.He also brought us assurance, hope, salvation, comfort, services, and happiness. God also created human beings to be the controller of the universe. God didn’t want us to worry.So God gave us the date of birth but don’t […]


Breathing is respiration. Not breathing is dyspnea.(air hunger, shortness of breath) What is Normal respiratory rate?. Adult is 12 to 20 breath per minute at rest. Less than 12 per minute is not good. Also above 25 breath per minute is not good either. Ineffective breathing pattern is when the inhalation and exhalation does not […]

Memorial Day.

It is with tears that we celebrate this memorial Day,May 25th 2020.In December of 2019, Coronavirus came into USA from WUHAN CHINA. And have spread around the world to Italy, Spain, South Korea, North Korea, Singapore, Africa.It became COVID19 PANDEMIC having spread around the world. Memorial Day holiday is a Federal government holiday that is […]


This journey began in 2019 It was a journey that started from far away country not in USA. It started with the letter W Then followed by the letter U. We also have the letter H This was followed by A. Here comes the letter N WUHAN in China 2019. WUHAN stands for :World unite […]


RESTORATION,RECREATION,AND REGENERATION. Restoration:Some of the stores and establishments in USA are reopening.People are sitting down with friends and families to enjoy meals in the restaurants and get some fresh air while maintaining social distancing 6feet apart.Are the young adults maintaining social distancing?.Do not allow a sick staff to serve your meals.People are trying to restore […]