Please announce yourself.

I am Coronavirus.

You are what?.

I am Coronavirus

SARS, but more deadly.

I heard that you affect people with blood type A.

I am blood type O.So I cannot be infected by you. give- more-evidence-that- blood-type-may-change- COVID-19- risk-and-severity/amp

More research are needed to find out.

Follow CDC guidelines.

It was announced don’t wear mask.

Health care professionals knew better. They have to wear mask.

But where are the masks?.

There was none to wear.

Finally few masks was given to doctors and nurses.

Where are the PPE.

Announcement reserve for only ICU nurses and doctors.

If you are not ICU nurse we don’t care.

Do we need a negative pressure room with anteroom for COVID19 patients.

What kind of Isolation precautions.

A mask for a nurse for eight hours.

Guess what ,the heroes started to fall.

Doctors, especially nurses and caregivers got the virus and they died.

These are lonely deaths.

So many people took the plunge.

There was no family members or friends to bide them goodbye.

These are very painful deaths.

How do we cry this year?.

Cry as a Republican this year.

Cry as a Democrat this year.

Or cry as an independent this year.

Remember that death is death.

When a love one is gone .

That love one is gone.

Death is a vulnerable moment.

So dying alone is hard.

If he or she paid the mortgage.

That means you must move out.

Or take responsibility for Mortgage.

How is your finance.

What is your credit score.

Is your credit score on life support.

Who will resuscitate it.

If he or she held the family together.

That responsibility has shifted.

Who will hold your family together.

I don’t see anything good about 2020.

Wash you hands with soap and water frequently for 20seconds or use hand sanitizer frequently.Keep your distance 6feet apart.

Who will survive COVID19.

Who will not survive COVID19.

So many nurses died whites, Filipinos,Hispanics, blacks from various countries such as Nigeria,and other ethnic groups. COVID19 didn’t identify race,gender or origin. It will kill if given the opportunity.

Over 215,000 have bided us farewell.

Do not speed because he is speeding. Wear your mask,wash your hands and do the right thing.

In death,there is no hold on I am coming. Let me pay the rent, get groceries, pay bills or mortgage. Wear your mask.

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