Coronavirus started last year in November of 2019 but the World is dealing with PANDEMIC.

I cannot walk around, when I try to walk is like my feet are not touching the ground, like I am flying but I have refused to let it pin me down.Where is the air?.
I must not allow either to take over.

Coronavirus affects everything and everyone irrespective of race.If you have and not too fragile, you might survive versus if you don’t have, you might die.For some people the disease could be mild and for others it could lead to death.So many people have died from Coronavirus which causes COVID19. It has incubation periods of 2 to 14 days.

SIGNS and SYMPTOMS include fever,coughing, shortness of breath, muscle pain, sore throat, chills, repeated shaking and chills, Headache and loss of taste or smell.

Over 68,000 people have died in USA,and over 1million are infected with COVID19.

Hungry is to lack,no access to health care and health insurance. It is starvation, poverty, famished, voracious. It is for the less powerful, less privileged,the young, the weak and fragile. For hunger death will surely come. You can die of hunger but the immediate cause of death is usually cardiac arrhythmia or heart attack because of extreme tissue degradation due to severe electrolyte imbalance. Someone can die within weeks or months.The less privileged are forced to go and die from COVID19 or stay home and die from starvation, inability to pay rent or put food on the table. If you are lucky you might escape COVID19 but if you are hungry, death is imminent. So they chose COVID19.

Take the chances go out there, go to work, keep your insurance, pay your rent and put food on the table. But if you got Abraham as your forefather the choice is yours. You can pick and choose what your heart desires. Work from home,good health insurance, good hospitals, icecream etc,file for unemployment, get stimulus check. Or have a way to survive until a permanent solutions are found.

Stay at home and practice social distancing,wear your mask properly when you go out. Wash your hands with soap and water frequently, use hand sanitizer frequently, sneeze into your elbow, don’t touch your face, wipe frequently touch surfaces such as door knobs. Don’t be desensitized.This is public health crisis. We should fight for it together globally.

Death I Reject You.

I reject you all the time.

I cannot accept you.

You came in form of COVID19.

Over 60,000 people died in USA.

You brought too much strain on doctors and nurses.

So many families lost love ones.

Lots of psychological damages.

You are a thief.

You have no guns but deadly.

You created isolation.

You gave us tears and sorrows.

You gave us unemployment.

Severe Economic damage worst than 2009.

You gave us perpetual pain.

You left us confused.

We are all running helter skelter.

Doctors, Nurses, Respiratory therapists,Scientists and Researchers.

Coronavirus go home .

We have already have other forms of death.


The N95 mask .

The mask that I know.We understand all the instructions before use.

We follow all OSHA guidelines

such as training, fit testing and medical evaluation to meet up with OSHA specific requirements.

Do not alter, misuse,wash,or abuse.

We got that.

You give 95% Protection.

The mask with confidence.

The mask I trust.

I threw you away after each use like an old used cigarette.

Can you meet me in the middle?.

No fear of contamination.

I don’t sweet and spit into you.

But the New mask that I don’t trust.

You gave me scar on my face.

I worry about you all the time.

I wear you for eight hours.

Just because you said so.

Have you no shame?.

So many left because of you.

You look filthy,sweaty not fresh.

So many of my colleagues had changed their addresses to heaven due to inadequate protection.No PPE.

They are our super heroes.

They cried and lamented but their voices were relegated to the background.

We need some emotional support.

So many of us fell down seven times.

But get up ten times.

Hopefully some day a messiah will come to salvage us from our predicament.

Meanwhile we keep on keeping on.

Be Strong it will come to pass.

And you will share your stories.

Healthcare providers.

CDC Recommended Symptoms on Coronavirus(COVID19)

According to the Centers for disease control the initial symptoms associated with COVID19 are Coughing, Fever and Shortness of breath. These symptoms appear 2 – 14 days after exposure to Coronavirus.

But recently CDC confirmed more six symptoms and these include.


Repeated shaking and chills.

Muscle pain.


Sore throat.

Loss of taste or smell.

Coronavirus is very new so we are learning more symptoms every day.

Some people were tested after they have recovered, so their test were negative .And some people were not even tested at all and they recovered. We will continue to follow and comply with CDC Recommendations.

I recall that the WUHAN doctors included confusion and abdominal discomfort as some of the symptoms they observed from WUHAN patients.

Coronavirus (COVID19) is a respiratory illness caused by novel Coronavirus called SARS- CoV- 2.

Coronavirus may often cause Pneumonia which is lung infection.It is a common cause of bronchitis.

The symptoms can range from mild to severe respiratory illness. COVID19 originated from WUHAN CHINA around November 2019.COVID19 has been declared Pandemic by WORLD HEALTH ORGANIZATION. Doctors, Researchers, Scientists are working round the clock to find a permanent solutions to these deadly diseases. Over 58,000 people have died in the United States.

The complications of Coronavirus are severe lungs disease (Pneumonia) and death.

How do we treat COVID19.

Currently there is no medications to treat COVID19. But these are the recommendations.

Pain medication and fever reducer.

Build your immune system.


If the situation worsen go to the hospital and you will be given.

Intravenous fluids. (Hydration is needed)

Oxygenation of the body.You will be given oxygen or placed on ventilator.

We do not have vaccines or medications yet.Please remember to wash your hands frequently with soap and water, use hand sanitizer. Listen and follow your State and local authorities orders.

Sneeze into your elbow. Do not touch your mouth eyes and face.

Disinfect frequently touch areas such as door knobs.

Avoid crowded gatherings.

Testing,testing and Contact tracing is very important.

If someone in your home test positive, quarantine everyone. Always practice good hygiene.

Check your temperature frequently.

What are Nursing Diagnosis to this disease.

Nursing Diagnosis related to COVID19.

Isolation is definitely one of them. Because most of the patients and their families were separated due to COVID19.

Impaired breathing pattern related to COVID19.

Altered comfort related to COVID19.

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PPE is commonly used in healthcare settings specifically in laboratory, dental offices, hospitals and clinics.It is a barrier between viruses,blood ,body fluids and bacteria contaminants from reaching the skin, nose,mouth and eyes.

Provision of Personal Protective Equipment is a task that should be accomplished.You cannot go to the war front without been probably equipped otherwise there will be so many casualties.Same thing applies here, you cannot face a deadly virus without adequate protection and lack of testing.Personal protective equipment known as PPE include goggles, face shield, protective clothing, face mask, and helmets.They are simply design to protect the wearer from the spread of infection, disease, bacteria or illness.

It also protect the patients with pre- existing conditions and low immunity from getting infected.If use properly with adequate handwashing, cover mouth when sneezing and use of sanitizer will go a long way to help minimize infection.

Proper use and removal of PPE is very important and there are CDC recommended guidelines to follow.

PPE use must meet up with the FDA standard.

In 1873 Nursing education programs was started in America. It was inspired by Florence Nightingale based on the British model. Nursing profession gave women the opportunity to earn honest living rather than for just reproductive .But due to technological and social changes Nursing profession became a gigantic business and was manipulated for profits by some groups of people. Also due to not having enough conceptual base, nursing education, nursing profession are manipulated by doctors and hospitals administration.The same control have continue to influence Nursing profession at this Coronavirus Pandemic with inadequate provisions of adequate PPE and lack of testing.

Nurses are on the frontline for the COVID19. They spent more hours with their patients more than any other healthcare workers.

They are there when the going is good and when it is bad.When the patient need tissue, cry,or the need to call or speak with family.

They are there for vital signs. Give tylenol for fever,and retake the vital signs.Assist the doctors with procedures such as intubation, tracheotomy placement or chest tube placement.

Nurses are there for medications administration, blood transfusion,oxygen saturation,suctioning and providing comfort.They are there for CHG bath.They are standing family member when the family are not around.

Nurses are there for the patients making sure that patients are breathing and maintaining adequate cardiac output.

Encourage patients to cope with the disease process hereby decreasing the fear of death.

Nurses promote patient comfort making sure that their physiological response doesn’t lead to dysrhythmia.

Ensuring that the myocardium is contracting, otherwise stimulate the myocardium to contract when the intrinsic rhythm is absent.

Patient and family continuous education on the disease process.

Assessment of the hemodynamic response such as level of consciousness, shortness of breath, oxygenation, and temperature evaluation.

The nurse will place patient on the left side when patient is exhibiting symptoms of aspiration.


Masks and N95 Respirators (/medical- devices/personal – protective-equipment – infection – control.

American Association of critical 890 – 891.