PRAYER OF A LITTLE GIRL TO GOD.(Poem by Philomena Okeke)

http://God I love you .

I hope that you are listening.

Thanks for making me pretty.

Everything I got came from you.

My mom said that it came from her.

But how truth is that?

I love my mom.

And I love my dad.

My dad and mom love you.

Because they make me pray to you everyday.

God I am afraid of Mathematics.

Can you make me get an “A”.

God you are great and powerful.

Spider man thought that he is powerful.

Not even close to you.

He is not as strong as you.

If you give me A mom and dad,

will be very happy.

And I will be happy.

I pray to you in Jesus Name,AMEN.

REFUSED TO LISTEN.(POEM by Philomena N Okeke)

  1. I had a crush on him.
He crushed my soul. And I crushed his soul. Parents advice no longer mattered. I kissed School goodbye. He kissed School goodbye. Call it disappearance or elopement. It lead to Sin City. Marriage or Wedding not necessary. At least not for us. My tummy started to grow. I do not want my tummy to grow. He said that I am healthy. I say no it’s baby. He denied my big tummy. He started to hit. I don’t understand the hate. I thought we are in love. Are you my crush? My love is gone. Prayed and cried. It is finished,gone. Come back my love. Come back to to me. I am still in love. While I sat in the dust. I miss your kisses. I accept your imperfection. I accept your failures. Accepted our stupidity. Please come back. I need you. But cannot find you. Mom please forgive me. To err is human and to forgive is divine. THE END. NB : She returned back to her parents gave birth to a baby boy. Two years later,she got married to a PhD holder(College Professor) ,had a good wedding. And she became a Registered Nurse.

A MESSAGE TO MY SON.(POEM by Philomena N Okeke )

Son know yourself.
Be friendly to everyone.

But trust few.
Stick to your driving lane.

Stick to what is right.

Forget what what is not right.
Love yourself to love others.

Because love is infectious,
and will infect  others .

No limitations in life.

Trust and love yourself.

Demand great things for.

A great man learns from culture.

And his personal power.

Here comes the doctor of love.

Willing to move you forward.

There should  be no excuses.

If you are willing to do something.

You will find a way to do it.

Picture your life surrounded with  success.

You are holding a miracle.

See yourself in money .

Be prepared for the pitfalls.

Scattered on the paths of life.

First thing in your heart is success.

Break your goals in stages.

Take short steps to get there.

Keep it private to avoid obstacles.

Map out your plans to success.

You are the Carver.

The maker of your destiny.

Nobody can shut the door of,

honest and great ambition.

Reject those obstacles

Door of success is wide open.

Tell me that it is not  wide open.

You do not shove.

You blush.

PSALM 23:1-6.(In my Perspective )

“The Lord is my Shepherd.

I shall not want”.

That is the Lord is my guide,my conductor,

he accompany me in all that I do.

“I will not lack anything”.

Meaning I will be self sufficient.

  • “He makes me lie down in green pastures”.
  • That is He provides great opportunities for
  • those who believe.
  • And He will provide  great opportunities for me.

“He leads me beside the still water”.

He removes all impurities from me.

And make me clean from impurities.


“He refreshes my soul”.

Meaning He elevates my soul,

rekindle my strength.

He guides me in the paths of

righteousness for His Name Sake.

That is He guides me in His direction,

the right directionfor His Name.In honor of his name.

“Even though I walk through the valley of darkness,

I will fear no evil for you are with me”.

I believe in God,I have confident in God,I trust God.

Even though I am in the mist of non believers,

(the valley of death)those that don’t have the same Christian

faith as me preaching the word of God.I must be compassionate

and not hold grudges. I will not be afraid because

God is with me.And He is giving me direction.

Rather than get upset,pray for their understanding 

and acceptance with time.

“Yes your rod and staff they comfort me”.

That is your Grace is

sufficient for me to live in.

“You prepared a table before me in front of my enemies”.

You provided me with strength and courage to

deal and tackle difficult problems.

“You anoint my head with oil,my cup overflow”.

This means that the Lord has provided for me in

abundance ,surplus.“Surely goodness and love will follow me .

And I will dwell in the house of the Lord forever”.

That is I will continue to believe in God.And follow

the teachings of our Lord all my life.

That means that,I will dwell in the house of the Lord forever.

I will live in the house of God forever, Amen.Dwell in the House of God is to live in God’s site for ever.

THE BOY AND HIS DOG.(Bedtime Story)

The good singing bird.
The annoying destructive bird.

Nick was sent on an errand to his grandmother’s house.

He decided to go with his dog to grandma’s  house.

On their way ,there were two birds.

The singing bird and the bad bird.

The bad bird was making loud noise.

And Nick dog began to bark at the bad bird.

Nick said bad bird stop your noise .

Me and my dog do not want your noise.

Allow Robin,or Nightingale to sing a melody song.

Yes allow us to listen to good song.

The bad bird continued the destructive behavior

Nobody not even the dog want destructive behavior.

The dog barked more, so that the bad bird will stop.

While the dog was still barking the bad bird flew away.

The little bird continue to sing beautiful melody.

Nick and his dog arrived safely at grandmother’s house.



I went to bed a single woman.

Went out single woman.

Today,woke  up a single woman.

Returned home a single woman.

They called me single.

Do you know that single woman?

Why is she still single?

Will she ever get married?

I became a metaphor for the unusual.

Woke up single, went to bed single.

Single was not a problem for me.

Still searching for my identity.

Single was a problem for mom.

They called me single woman.

I called me single woman.

I refused to settle for less.

I wanted a well -rounded man.

I guess my parents got.

tired of my condition.

Now I can take care of myself.

Goodbye single woman.

I decided to bide goodbye to lonesomeness.

Goodbye single.

I shall not see you again.


I have no place of my own.

Wearied by the vagaries of a hard ,

and cruel life on the street.

Sick and admitted into the hospital.

Moved in like I just rented a room in the hospital.

Do not call me homeless ,I know.

Moved in with all my belongings into the hospital.

A few ragged belongings in plastic bags.

Do not call me homeless,I know.

Two Nursing assistants brought my hospital supplies

toothpaste,toothbrush,lotion and gown.

One of the nursing assistants held her nose.

Ignored her, I know why.

I stink like a rotten egg.

Do not call me homeless,I know.

The Charge nurse walked in,

and pinched her nose.

Have not showered in weeks.

Do not call me homeless,is not my name.

My primary nurse walked in ,introduced herself.

And started data collection immediately

Went well until she asked for my address.

No address to give.

Are you homeless she asked?.

Do not call me homeless,it is not my name.

I cannot recall my address I replied.

Gave ex-wife phone number and address.

Nurse made a phone call,no reply.

Are you homeless she asked again?.

“NO”,I am not homeless I replied.

Nurse called the Social Worker.

Social worker made a few search .

She came back and pronounced me homeless.

Do not call me homeless,I know.

Social worker gave a list of homeless shelters.

Do not call me homeless,is not my name.

I do not like Shelters..

My name is Mr. Hopeful.


I Respect you,show me some. Respect should be Reciprocated. Respect is virtue. Respect is to acknowledge. We all love to be respected. But liars are hard to detect. I promise to respect you,not to inspect. Respect me without symbol or status. If you respect me,I will respect you. In every situation,we should discuss with respect. No shaming but respect. No third party but respect. Third party comes in,if we cannot solve the problem. And should not lead to disrespect. Our mistakes should be opportunity for growth. Not to dwarf growth. Respect is understanding of boundaries. Wear my underwear is disrespect. Occupy my space is disrespect. Go into my wallet that is not respect. Open my mails is disrespect. Respect is not disrespect. It allows me to control what is mine.


Let there be no excuses.

Excuse is lack of focus.

My parents were very poor.

That is excuse for failure.

Their poverty should not be excuse for.

Rather a great opportunity for.

Check out Oprah Winfrey,Alan Gerry,

Kenny Trouth ,Howard Schultz were among

the riches people in the world.

Their parents were very poor.

How many were born with silver

spoons in their mouth?

Atleast not in my mouth

Dream big and take action.

Practice how to behave.

Let your practice be a habit.

Refrain yourself from bad language.

“Everyone is the carver or maker of his or her

own fortune or misfortune.”

Make the best out of life.

Be moderate in all things.

Develop a good temperament.

Have good health and happiness.

Virtue is an asset that will elevate you.

There is equal opportunity for you.

Difference between poor and rich.

Is all about choices that we make.

The mind is very powerful.

Therefore the mind cannot be idle.

An idle mind is a devil workshop.

Train your mind in the right direction.

And smile to the bank.

Train your mind in the wrong direction.

Blame yourself for lack of riches.

“you wanna fly,you got to give up the shit that weighs you down”

-Toni Morrison,Song of Solomon.

Well train mind is a beautiful garden.

Untrain mind is a desert.

Develop your mental capacity.

Think right and do right.

Replace sadness with love.

Turn negativity into positive thoughts.

Smile,you can do this.

You got the desire and the will.