Story Time About the Dog and His Owner.

"You must give everything to make your life as beautiful as the dreams that dance in your imagination"-Roman Payne.
My handsome big dog dedicated to his owner.Runs errand for the owner.
The dog is asked to go into the house and bring kola nut(this could be anything for

It is a bedtime story about a dog and his owner.The owner surprisingly had visitors that they were not expecting .So the owner started a song like this.

My handsome big dog go into the house in the living room and get me some kola nut, so that we can give to these uninvited visitors.I did not invite them and I am sure that you did not invite them.So come on big boy go into the house and get me some kola nut so that we can give to these strangers.Hopefully the kola nut will force them to tell us why they are here.

So the dog went into the house and got the kola nut.The uninvited strangers ate the kola nut.After eating the Kola nut (coca cola) they confessed that they are interested in buying the piece of land in their backyard so that they could be their neighbor.Sometimes a kind gesture can lead to meeting pretty nice people.The dog owner told them that she owns the land but the land is not for sale.So they left back to where they came from.The big dog and his owner live happily there after .The End.


My Honor As A Nurse.

On my honor as a Registered Nurse.

I will provide compassionate excellent Nursing care.

I will do my best now and tomorrow.
Be a good leader,not a follower.
I must Move Nursing Agenda Forward.
I must do my Best all the time.
I promise to update and obtain required CE every two years.
Advance my knowledge,education,and experiences.
I will be Knowledgeable not Knowledge Deficit.
Team player,work effectively with my colleagues and other ancillary.
Clock or sign in on time.
Clock or Sign out on time. Have all my equipment such as Stethoscope,Pen and Pencils.
I must Reason,and be Reasonable.
Perform my assigned role effectively and efficiently. Follow Hospital policies and Regulations.
Comply with JCAHO Standards of Care and Regulations.
Carry out Doctors Orders on Time.
Troubleshoot and be Supportive of my Colleagues. Know and Understand Patient Bill of Rights.
Respect Patient and Families. “The very First Requirements in a Hospital is that, it should do the sick no harm “Florence Nightingale .
Give medications by mouth and intravenously as ordered. Advocate for my Patients.
And provide TLC.
Must not Abuse Patients Physically, Emotionally or Sexually.
Promote Health and Prevent Diseases.
“I attribute my Success to this -I never gave or took any excuse”- Florence Nightingale .
Nursing Assessment.


Pharmaceutical company that is selling the drug and copy right has official name of the drug known as?.

A.Trade name.

B.Chemical and biological name.

C.Official name for drug.

D.Genetic name.

Correct answer is A. The official name is the name that identifies the drug in the official publication. The nurse should acknowledge drug generic name and trade name .

2. The doctor orders Digoxin 0.125mg po QOD.The nurse will correctly give this medications as?.

A. In the morning and night.


C.Monitor BP three times before giving.

D. Every other day by mouth.

Correct answer is D,every other day.Follow doctor orders before administration, check vital signs. What is patient heart rate?.

3.Your nurse manager prepared the medication for your patient Mrs Nancy Jose.The supervisor called her over the phone.She turned to you and asked you to give the medication to the patient.What will be your response?.

A.Give the medication and document your action.

B.Let the nurse manager know that she prepared the medication and should administer the medication.

C. Ask another nurse to give the medication.

D.Give the medication to your patient and let your manager chart that she gave the medication.

Correct answer is B.

You are responsible for what you gave.Never give medications that was not prepared by you.

4.The doctor orders Metoprolol 25mg po.(by mouth)But 50mg of metroprolol tablets are available. How many tablets of metroprolol will the nurse adminster?.Dose at hand ÷ quantity at hand= desired dose÷ quantity desired. =50/25(÷) =0.5mg or half tablet.( You will give 1/2 tablet)

5.What is the reason why giving medication intravenously is the most dangerous?.

A. The medication can cause chest pain.

B.Because the administered drug goes directly into the bloodstream.

C.all veins are not good.

D.To avoid DVT.

correct answer is B.

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Effective and alignment in communication. Support each other in delivery of quality care.

Collaborate with nursing administration to improve quality care.

Make nursing challenging and conducive to work with each other.

Create and develop effective leaders.

Teach ,advocate and counsel other nurses.

Identify nurses strength and weaknesses.

Provide education to sharpen staff skills. Constructively address deficiencies encountered among nurses.

Particpate in professional organizations. Encourage and enhance professional development of each nurse.

Be part and agent of strategic change in nursing.

Communicate clearly nursing perspectives in healthcare of patients and families.

Dealing with decisions makings, problem solving, leadership and conflict resolution among nursing staff.

Nurses as great coordinators.

Making hourly rounds with other healthcare professionals.

Education and CEU requirements.

Acknowledge and read various consultation.

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Requires critical thinking.

Be active first hand participant.

Learn to think critically.

Use your head more than your mouth.

Be active in collection of information. Critical thinking is important.

Question what you heard.

Do not ever sit back.

Question what you learn.

Do you use why,how,when or what?.

As you encounter new information,

question the information received.

No is not a good answer.

You can master the subject.

When you understand the subject.

Don’t allow verbal skills manipulators,

to manipulate you.

Avoid illogical thinking.

Reason well minimize mistakes.

Let your facts support your conclusions.

Competence will build your confidence.

Be calm and pay attention.


A 25years old female reported to the Emergency room complains of dark amber urine, fewer elimination and flank pain.Patient is diagnosed with Acute glomerulonephritis.The nurse initial assessment will identify early glomerulonphritis as?.Glomerulonephritis is an inflammation of the glomerulus of the kidney, characterized by proteinuria, hematuria,decreased urine production and edema.




D.All of the above.

Correct answer is C.Rationale: Reduced in urinary output. (Output of 100 to 400ml a day)Also hematuria that is blood in the urine, proteinuria which is protein in the urine.

2.What is the nurse plan of care for patient with glomerulonephritis?.The primary purpose of bedrest for patient with acute glomerulonephritis is?.

A. Inhibit further renal inflammation. B.Frequency of urination.

C.Chronic glomerulonephritis.


Correct answer is A.

Rationale:There is direct connection between activity ,hematuria and proteinuria. (Activity- hematuria-and proteinuria) There are three kinds of glomerulonephritis, acute glomerulonephritis, chronic glomerulonephritis and subacute glomerulonephritis. #urination,#proteinuria, #hematuria, #patient,#nephros,#kidney,#decreasedurineoutput,#glomerulosclerosis,#glumerularfunctioning,#bedrest,#fibrousscartissue.


You hold the bull by the horn .

You just have to take the risk.

Be determined and climb that mountain.

Even if you were born with weak feathers. Add new feathers that enable you to fly.

So be strong and determined.

Listen to constructive feedback.

Pay attention and chase your dreams.

Chase the right thing with all your strength .

Do not loose hope but fight.

Go get it tiger.

Here is your mustard seed.

Be healthy and ready to fight.

Yes it belongs to you.

Do not be afraid.

Do not be a coward.

Do not cry wolf, wolf.

Because there is no wolf.

There is nothing to be afraid of.

The only fear is you.

Use your inner strength and be resilience. Perseverance is an important asset.

So persevere.

Yes you are the winner.

Do not be intimidated.


While assessing a 65years old man admitted to the hospital for the treatment of left sided CHF.How can the nurse identify an early sign of left sided heart failure?.

A.Low in oxygenation.

B.Dyspnea, lungs vital capacity is reduced when air is displaced by fluid.

C.Tachycardia and confusion.

D. Distended neck veins and increased CVP. Correct answer is B.Identify the key words “early and left side”.Left sided failure signs and symptoms are dyspnea,orthopnea,crackles,tachycardia,diaphoresis,confusion.


1.A 25years man describes his fears about taking the elevator to the 18th floor of his office building to his nurse. He felt anxious, shortness of breath with his heart ♥ racing like it will fall out of his chest.What does this information reveal to the Registered nurse performing patient physical assessment?.

A. Patient is afraid to take the stairs. B.Patient has low form of anxiety disorder.

C.Patient has phobic disorder.

D.None of the above is correct.

Correct answer is C. Rationale: Patient is in a phobic state which is characterize by the extreme anxiety due to unfounded fear of a situation or a particular activity.

2. A patient is admitted three days ago for the treatment of alcohol dependence. He is now exhibiting the following symptoms Headaches, uncoordinated movement, slurred speech, ataxia. To fully understand what is going on with the patient. What will be the nurse priority upon taking care of this patient?.

A.Encourage patient to take a nap and clear his head.

B.Give Tylenol 650mg po Q4hours prn to relieve his headache.

C.Tell the patient to calm down.

D.Perform a complete physical assessment on the patient. Correct answer is D.Physical assessment of patient will show all the objective signs and symptoms of patient condition.


The nurse teaches Mr David who is scheduled for MRI of the upper abdomen today. Which of the following statement if made by David will indicate that he needs additional teaching?.

A. MRI should not be done on the abdomen.

B. CT Scan must be done before MRI.

C.I like my doctor. He is a good man.

D.I will have dye injected into my stomach. Correct answer is D.The rationale is not correct because dye is not used for the MRI.


She is unfruitful has not given me children. Infertility solution is a combined effort.

Time to work together for a solution.

It is not my fault but her fault.

Have both of you seen the doctor?.

I don’t need to see the doctor I am fine.

She has the problem and should solve it.

Do you need to check your sperm count?.

Sperm count?.

For what my sperm?.

I am very strong and healthy.

Out for a 🍻 drink and calm myself down.

Beer parlor,beautiful hawkers lying in wait.

Hawker waited for me to get drunk.

She pounce and seduced me.

Started kissing but couldn’t resist.

Wife at home crying hoping for solution. What about seeing the fertility doctor?.

I will see the doctor at my own time.

Let her see the doctor herself.

You must leave if you’re not pregnant.

Yes leave my house get out.

The hawker is seven months pregnant.

I am the father .

Barren woman leave my house.

Honey let us talk about it .

Talk about what, barren woman?.

Is your husband okay my daughter?.

Why are you not pregnant?.

Why are you not giving my son a child?. Pack out of my son’s house now.

Five years of marriage no child.

Hawker’s baby belongs to another man.

Infertile,unfruitful, barren.

Never come back no more.


A 50years old man fell at home when he was cleaning his house. Develop right Femur fracture. Closed reduction, retrograde,IM nailing of right femur done by doctor Cute, Mann. Secondary diagnosis :Diabetes type 11,hypertension, chronic pain,depression, high cholesterol.

Weight bearing as tolerating.Ambulated with Physical therapist during this shift.Full code.Weight 195lbs,Height 5feet 9inches.Isolation Status: Standard Precautions. Risk for fall. ( Fall prevention protocol in place) No risk for suicide. Patient doesn’t have advance Directive. Copy of advance Directive on the chart.Alert and oriented x 4.Transportation method wheel chair. Skin integrity impaired redness noted in the coccyx area. Acewrap dressing to right leg.Myperlix applied to coccyx area for protection. Allergy NKDA.Diet Carb control diet.Voiding using the urinal at bedside. + BM ×2 during this shift. Ambulates with front wheel walker.

Medications:Dilaudid 4mg po prn Q6hours. Dilaudid 2mg IV Q4hours prn severe pain .Lovenox 30mg SubQ Daily scheduled. Regular Insulin 4units Bid 0730am ,1700 scheduled.Nebulizer Q4hours prn by Respiratory therapist. Ativan 1mg po Q6hours prn anxiety. Tylenol 650mg po Q4hours prn temperature. 0.9NS at 75ml/hour infusing via pump to left forearm 18guage Clean,patent and intact Accucheck Qac +Qhs.Laboratory test at 05am.

Plans: Short term Skilled Nursing facility in two days if medically stable. Orders in his chart.


1.Why is patient on lovenox?.

2.When is lovenox started after surgery?.

3.What are the fall prevention protocol?.

4.What actions do you need in place to prevent fall?.