Five fingers are not equal. Work amicably as a team.







Look at these five fingers.

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PPE is commonly used in healthcare settings specifically in laboratory, dental offices, hospitals and clinics.It is a barrier between viruses,blood ,body fluids and bacteria contaminants from reaching the skin, nose,mouth and eyes.

Provision of Personal Protective Equipment is a task that should be accomplished.You cannot go to the war front without been probably equipped otherwise there will be so many casualties.Same thing applies here, you cannot face a deadly virus without adequate protection and lack of testing.Personal protective equipment known as PPE include goggles, face shield, protective clothing, face mask, and helmets.They are simply design to protect the wearer from the spread of infection, disease, bacteria or illness.

It also protect the patients with pre- existing conditions and low immunity from getting infected.If use properly with adequate handwashing, cover mouth when sneezing and use of sanitizer will go a long way to help minimize infection.

Proper use and removal of PPE is very important and there are CDC recommended guidelines to follow.

PPE use must meet up with the FDA standard.

In 1873 Nursing education programs was started in America. It was inspired by Florence Nightingale based on the British model. Nursing profession gave women the opportunity to earn honest living rather than for just reproductive .But due to technological and social changes Nursing profession became a gigantic business and was manipulated for profits by some groups of people. Also due to not having enough conceptual base, nursing education, nursing profession are manipulated by doctors and hospitals administration.The same control have continue to influence Nursing profession at this Coronavirus Pandemic with inadequate provisions of adequate PPE and lack of testing.

Nurses are on the frontline for the COVID19. They spent more hours with their patients more than any other healthcare workers.

They are there when the going is good and when it is bad.When the patient need tissue, cry,or the need to call or speak with family.

They are there for vital signs. Give tylenol for fever,and retake the vital signs.Assist the doctors with procedures such as intubation, tracheotomy placement or chest tube placement.

Nurses are there for medications administration, blood transfusion,oxygen saturation,suctioning and providing comfort.They are there for CHG bath.They are standing family member when the family are not around.

Nurses are there for the patients making sure that patients are breathing and maintaining adequate cardiac output.

Encourage patients to cope with the disease process hereby decreasing the fear of death.

Nurses promote patient comfort making sure that their physiological response doesn’t lead to dysrhythmia.

Ensuring that the myocardium is contracting, otherwise stimulate the myocardium to contract when the intrinsic rhythm is absent.

Patient and family continuous education on the disease process.

Assessment of the hemodynamic response such as level of consciousness, shortness of breath, oxygenation, and temperature evaluation.

The nurse will place patient on the left side when patient is exhibiting symptoms of aspiration.


Masks and N95 Respirators (/medical- devices/personal – protective-equipment – infection – control.

American Association of critical 890 – 891.


Social distancing is very important and should be taken seriously.

As painful as it sound,SOCIAL DISTANCING is a measure taken to prevent the spread of infection from one person to another.Social distancing is also known as physical distancing.

You stand or stay six feet away from the next person.( 6 FEET APART)

COVID19 known as novel Corona virus is most dangerous because a person can be infected or infectious without symptoms.And the spread is quick and very fast.

Quarantine is to slow or stop the spread of the infection.Prevent the hospitals from being overloaded with COVID19 patients.

COVID19 is an enemy that you cannot see. Is looking at you but you cannot see it or touch. But it can touch you as much as it can.

To be on the safe side.You stay in the comfort of your home.But for how long can you do that.

There is no smell, nothing,no legs and no arms.We do not know.

We just have to be happy, and eat food,relax and watch television.

If any family member tested positive keep everyone quarantined.

This is a great opportunity to be with love ones.

Do not visit friends or families call them over the phone.

Wear face mask when you go to the stores.

In dealing COVID19 stay home if you can.

You might want to think about writing your wills.

No Social gathering.If that trip is not important cancel it.

Unlike leprosy Leviticus 13:43-47 .People with leprosy are forced to live in leper colony.

If a leprosy person comes out he or she will be shouting “unclean,unclean”

because you are not suppose to be seen.The priest decides after seven days to make him or her clean if there is no longer disease.

Social distancing has been a way in history to prevent the spread

of plagues or diseases.

King Uzziah had leprosy until the day that he died .He lived in a separate house and banned from the temple of the Lord.His son Jotham was in charge of the palace and ruled the people of the land.(Chronicles 26:21)”I was the king but my disease of leprosy excluded me from the Temple and allowed my people to practice Social distance from me”.

Many people have lost their lives due to COVID19.

I like working but forced to stay home for now.The death rate is alarming

but we are told that if we stay home it will slow things down.How truth is that.

As of today April 6th 2020, we over 10,000 death in USA alone and 352,991 cases.



Let me do my part and you do your part.By helping ourselves to be safe.

Be proactive if you are sick stay home.

Comply and follow the instructions and directions of your State and local authorities.

Filter out fake information.

If it quacks like a duck and walks like a duck it is a duck.

If you feel sick coughing, fever,sore throat or difficulty breathing call your healthcare provider .

Avoiding unnecessary gatherings. You can call and talk over the phone to friends and families. Order food from a standard restaurant for delivery.

Minimize stress,meditate and pray to your personal God if you believe in prayers.

Improve your immune system take your vitamins as prescribed by your doctor,exercise and drink fluids.


Wash your hands with soap and water 20seconds frequently happy birthday, happy birthday and happy birthday.

Use your hand sanitizer, wipe surfaces, doors knobs, items and frequently use surfaces.

Sneeze into your elbow or tissues and throw them away and wash your hands.Keep washing your hands you are doing the right thing.

Don’t touch your face.Try your best not to touch your face.

If you are instructed to quarantine yourself. Please do it.

Together we can win.


In order to prevent the spread of disease ,there are simple guidelines that we can follow to keep us safe and everyone around us safe.This precautions apply to all isolation and it is very important to follow the recommended guidelines.

STANDARD PRECAUTION:Standard precaution also known as universal precaution.You treat everyone like they are infected and you follow the guideline below.Appropriate hand hygiene include washing your hands with soap and water frequently for 30seconds,use hand sanitizer frequently, social distancing.

CONTACT ISOLATION: This precaution is use for infections or when germs are spread from one person to another by coming in close contact such as touching a person or items,skin to skin or handing personal items.Examples of contact isolation are C-diff,MRSA,VRE and Novel Coronavirus.

As a healthcare worker you should wear a gown and glove when entering the patient room

Wash your hands first before wearing the gown and the glove.If you will suction patient mouth ,nose or traceostomy wear the surgical mask.

AIRBORNE ISOLATION: This is a single patient room that is equipped with ventilation system and negative pressure.Anteroom attached.Novel Coronavirus is possible to be transmitted through the air,by droplet and person to person contact.Healthcare workers must use the PPE which include gown,gloves,N95 when entering the room.Airborne isolation are required for patient having infection that can be transmitted by speaking ,coughing ,spitting,sneezing or talking.

Every visitors entering the room must wear a surgical mask.Do NOT allow visitors to go into Coronavirus patient room to prevent person to person community spread.

Remove mask after leaving the room.

Must close the door behind when leaving the room.

Minimize going to the room frequently.

DROPLET ISOLATION.This precaution is use to prevent germ by respiratory droplets generated by sneezing or coughing or speaking.

Visitors to wear surgical mask and remove it when leaving the room.





A Corona virus is known as a virus that causes an infection in your nose ,

sinuses,upper throat.It is a family of virus known for containing strains

that can lead to deadly disease to any living thing.It is a global Health emergency.

It is the same as the SARS virus.This virus is new and more potent.Corona virus originated from WUHAN China.The disease caused by coronavirus has a 3.4percent fatality rate whereas the flu fatality rate in USA is only 0.1 percent.This ugly, wicked virus has eliminated so many lives it is very scary.The virus causes severe acute respiratory infection and symptoms seem to start with fever,followed by cough.Thousands of lives have been lost in Italy,Spain,South Korea,

China and so many other countries.As at today we have 1060 deaths in USA .Globally death toll is over 21,000 and more than 471,000 have been infected by the virus according to data from John Hopkins University.

It started as epidemic(China) to now Pandemic.(global)


Physical distancing,hand washing,no ibuprofen,no Advil,use Tylenol.Upper respiratory infection.,
COVID 19 more potent.
Hand washing is the key.

People may experience the following symptoms

Dry cough.



Difficulty breathing

As the disease become severe ,digestive symptoms become more serious and researchers found out that patient without digestive symptoms are more likely to be cued and discharged home.Other symptoms are poor appetite,diarrhea,vomiting and abdominal pain.


(1)The U.S Center for Disease Control confirms,”Hand washing is the

single most means of preventing the spread of infection

“Use soap and water happy birthday,happy birthday and happy

birthday (20seconds).

Use hand sanitizers as needed,wipe the door knobs,elevators knobs.

(2) Cough into your elbow.

(3) Avoid touching your face.

(4) Keep six feet distance.

(5) If you are sick stay home.

The major problem is that we do not want this disease to over power us.

Therefore we should do the right thing by

providing the right resources to the right people.

Provide medical staff with adequate PPE.

We cannot go to the war front without preparation ,

so also we cannot take care of Coronvirus patients without adequate equipment.

Patient coming into the hospital with Symptoms or No Symptoms must and should be tested.

Healthcare associated infection is the infection acquired 48hours after admission.

If a patient is not tested and later has COVID19 ,everyone who has contact will be in jeopardy

This will be very expensive, patient life ,cost and healthcare workers and preventable deaths.

Also it is important to note that depending on the agents,infection can be transmitted by contact that is person to person.

By droplet.

By airborne.> cases-update >covid-19


Due to physical distancing people are encouraged to stay home.

So no person to person contact.Pray for God intervention to

save our situation while we are doing the right thing.


After the Wedding of James and Vanessa in August 11th of 2001.Christina and her mother returned back to Nigeria September 4th 2001. Christina mother before returning to Nigeria took some time to show her daughter in-law how to make some Nigeria soups and dishes. She taught her how to make Ogbono soup,Egusi soup,Okra soup and some ukwa. Ogbono/Okra Soup you will need: Ogbono one cup blended. Okra fresh or one bag of frozen cut okra. Dry fish. Meat beef or goat meat.(cook to tender) Crayfish dry blended. Pepper blended. Bouillon cubes (knorr) power two teaspoons. Palm oil (Red oil) 1/2 cup. Salt small quantity. Onion two chopped medium size. Green vegetables (Spinach,ugu or washed bitter leaf). Four to six cups of water. Boil the meat first for 15minutes, then add all the listed ingredients.One ingredient at a time. Okra and the fresh vegetables should be added last. Cook in a low heat for 10- 15minutes.Serve with foo foo or powdered yam. Preparation of Egusi. Egusi Soup for 4 to 6 servings. Four cups of egusi blended. Meat cut in pieces. Dry fish. Blended crayfish. Pepper fresh or dry. Bouillon cubes. Palm oil 1/2 cup. Salt small quantity. Onions blended. Vegetables onugbu or ugu. Water as needed. Boil the meats first before adding the other condiments.Add the egusi towards the end stir,then add onugbu or ugu or green vegetables . Lower the heat,cook for 10minutes. Serve with pounded yam. SOME AFRICA STORES IN NEW YORK. OWA African Market. Brooklyn, New York 718-603-8487. Back to Africa Imports. Cosmetic stores. Brooklyn New York. Malcolm Shebazz Harleem Market. New York 212-987-8131. SOME AFRICA STORES IN LOS ANGELES,CA. African Obichi Market. 4750 W. Washington Blvd. 323- 933-5205 Kutula by Africana. 4438 W.Slauson avenue. 323-294-8151. Dora Market. Africa goods store 4564 W. Washington Blvd. 323-932-1722. SOME AFRICA STORES IN CHICAGO. Makola African Super Market,Chicago. 1017-1019 W.Wilson Avenue, Chicago, IL 60640. 773-654-1971. SOME AFRICAN STORES IN HOUSTON. Pay less Africa Food Store. Trinity Africa Food Store. 5700 S. Gessner Road,Houston, Texas 77036 713-779-5300. Two weeks before going back home, they remembered that their Nigerian passports have expired and they needed to renew their passports before they can return back to Nigeria . So they went to the Nigeria Embassy New York to apply for passport renewal . They were told to fill out the application online first ,make payment online with their credit card or Debit card.Mailed in the expired passports to the Nigeria Embassy address given to them.And return to Nigeria Embassy in New York in two weeks for pickup of their passports. Christina mother told the Nigeria Embassy representative that they are supposed to return back to Nigeria in two weeks if they could come back in a week or ten days. The Embassy representative denied her request and insisted that they must come back in two weeks.He went further to tell them that they were extremely lucky that he asked to return in two weeks instead of two to four months. He said I am actually trying to help you. They went back to James and Vanessa place and did all the things that they were asked to do which included submission of the passport application online ,payment with valuable credit card online.And mail in the expired passports to the Nigeria Embassy New York address given to them. But Christina mom decided that she is not fooling around with these lousy Nigeria Embassy staff.She decided that they must leave USA on the day in question otherwise, they will be paying for another flight because they will miss their flight if they fail going back on the day that they were supposed to return to Nigeria. So they started putting all their luggage together. We must leave that night with renewed passport or expired passport she said . I cannot afford to pay for new sets of flight ticket. We are leaving on September 4th 2001,as previously scheduled. But before returning to Nigeria,they shopped bought some computers, laptops, clothes, makeup, cereals and so many other stuffs.Her mother bought so many Made in America soaps,diapers that she will sell in Nigeria. Christina shopped for shoes,gowns, leggings, blouses and jeans. She was ready to show off to her friends all the things that she bought.She was very pleased with her older brother and his wife,(James and Vanessa)her parents with their unconditional love for her as the baby of the house.On the 4th of September 2001,Christina and her mother went to the Nigeria Embassy New York as early at 08am.They were told that the person in charge of their passport will not be in the office until 10am.So they sat down somewhere and waited.At about 1010am a man worked in,appeared miserable and unwilling to work. So Christina approached him and ask if he is okay,and can she get him something to drink or eat.He smiled,and replied, thanks for asking but what do you want? Christina told him what she wanted.He replied, I just got to the office as you can see.And lunch starts at 11am.Please come back at 1pm.Christina mother offered to pay for his lunch he refused since he has not been paid salary for three months as he claimed. Christina felt sorry for the man and wonder what is wrong with the Federal Government of Nigeria.How can you not pay your workers abroad?.How do you expect them to put food on the table and pay their rents? .That is totally unacceptable.No wonder the Nigeria Embassy staff are ineffective, inefficient, unpatriotic and unwilling to function.They refused to leave until they got their passports. At exactly 1pm their passports were handed over to them.So they returned to Manhattan New York, ate lunch slept for two hours , watch television. At 5:30pm James took Christina and her mother to the airport and bide them farewell and left.So Christina and her mother waited until it was time for them to check in their belongings. They checked in their belongings and boarded the plane.Mission accomplished said Christina’s mom.It was a long flight.It took over twelve hours.They eat, watch movies ,slept, drank water and eat food .It was great and worth it.And I will do it again if given the opportunity said Christina. As they arrived at the Murtala Mohamed international airport.They came into the airport,she quickly felt the hot air and it looked dark,you can see but not quite clear.She asked why is it so dark and someone told her that they just took the light.She sighed,and said when is this nonsense going to stop.When will Nigeria have government that is for the people and by the people.When will this government do the right thing ?.When will this barbaric and hustling life style come to an end in this country.How can we continue like this.The federal government is not working for the people, the State was not for the people.There are too much bureaucracy.The government is corrupt through and through. Her mother replied Christina you must believe that life will improve in this country.To doubt is not to believe or having a feeling of uncertainty. The bible said that unbelief is a sin.And the bible said that without faith and strong beliefs it is impossible to please our almighty Father. It is very important that we desperately and judiciously seek to please our Father who art in heaven. My daughter please trust and belief in our system. Christina replied mom what system are we talking about?. I am happy for you and dad on the progress that you guys made.But I want a befitting, progressive Nigeria for us the younger generation.We are the future of Nigeria. Mom we need to move forward and not backward. Okay mom let me ask you this,how many airplanes are own by Nigeria government?.Please remove religion from this argument because I don’t want to hear it.As Christina argued with her mother she was indirectly blocking her chance of going to USA without realizing it.She was slowly nailing her own coffin.Her mother planned to share everything that Christina said to her husband, Christina’s father. The only man that she ever knew.Christina father is a very intelligent man with lots of love for his family .He will not stop Christina from going to America but he will entice her in an unimaginable ways.So let us see what are his intention. They came out of the airport and her father’s driver was already waiting for them to take them home. There were terrible traffic on the freeways. It was bumper to bumper traffic.It took atleast two hours to get home.When they got home so many people were there to receive them.Their maids were busy serving her, hoping for gifts. She was very pleased and happy for all the attention that she received.She said to herself only in Nigeria can this happen.Where in the world can I have two maids just for me. There were no McDonald anywhere but there were Village Kitchen restaurants at almost very corner in Nigeria . But that must not compensate for McDnoald. McDonald MUST come to this country Nigeria one day. Kids need it and we all deserve to spoil ourselves with foreign food once in awhile.It is not going to hurt us. The prices are good and very reasonable.Christina resumed school on the 10th of September 2001 as a junior. She was ready to work very hard and fulfill her wishes. School was going well but she must wear the School uniforms and not all the good stuff that she got from America.Their School gown was blue and white a blue jacket and a brown sandal .She love the uniforms.She saw the uniforms as a form of discipline and Identification of the School. She finished her junior year in June of 2002. Christina became a senior in High school in September of 2002,and suitors started coming to marry her.She rejected all of them.She gave flimsy excuses on why none of the young men were good for her. Her reasons were either too tall or too short,or too light or too dark or he is not fashionable.I do not need someone that I will teach how to dress.Her parents listened to all her excuses and knew that she was not serious. But she had a boyfriend at University of Lagos who was studying to be a Medical Doctor.She studied very hard for the Toefl test but failed. She gained admission into University of Lagos and also decided to get engage with her boyfriend. Her father believed strongly that Christina if allowed to go to America will marry a white man.She is the youngest of eight children. Her father did not want her to be far away from home.Before Christina graduated from Unilag where she studied Nutrition her father opened up Big Store for Christina in Main Island of Lagos dealing with wedding arrangement,wedding cakes,Wedding gowns, crowns,jewelry, Wedding shoes.He leased the store for five years furnished and decorated the store to the highest taste.He presented it as a gift upon her graduation from the University. CHRISTINA WEDDING BOUTIQUE LTD. “Simply because we like you” is the slogan of her business. How will Christina react to this? Christina was not happy about the store .She felt that her father was up to something. And she started crying. Everybody were excited and delighted except Christina. Some of the girls wished that they were as lucky as Christina. Christina saw it as a trap set by her parents to hold her back and stop her from leaving the country. Her boyfriend told her to be grateful that she has loving parents.
And they can go to USA together after they get married.He told her that he intended to specialize in London or USA.So Christina wiped her tears and thanked her father.She also promised to refund at least 50% of what he spent. Her father replied you don’t have to do all that.I just need you to be there for myself and your mother as we age.I have diabetes, and I have to take Metformin 500mg twice a day,check my blood sugar three times a day,and your mother has diabetes, high cholesterol and high blood pressure. We need one of you to be there and know where things are.Wellness and health is our utmost priority. Christina replied daddy,I will not be the scape goat.You just have to tell my older brothers and sisters to return home. We will try replied her father.


If you don’t want to talk.You don’t have to.Because your eyes and your shoulders are doing the talking for you.If you disagree change it.

If you are scratching non stop.You are itching due to allergy to medication, food or something or need a shower.

If you are sneezing you probably have a common cold or someone miss you.So keep in touch with people that really cares about you or see your doctor.

If you invest in your child,he or she will not run too far.If he did send a postcard.

Provide for your pets and they will provide for you.

If you know the right thing to do,do it.If you do the opposite.That will be lack of common sense.

If you are poor blame your parents, destiny and lack of luck.

Do not blame yourself because that is senseless.

If you vomit in the Bar or you pee on yourself.Simply blame the alcohol, the bartender and your parents for ruining your life.

When you did not succeed, blame your parents for giving birth to you.

If you think that I am crazy, you have some element of craziness, otherwise you will not notice.

Have you ever try to hydrate yourself? If not why not.

Do not be so gentle because people will take advantage of you. Have some aggressiveness in you for your security.

We know that the fingers are not equal.So why talk about it,if we already know.

I know when I am humiliated.I do not need a friendly reminder.

We know that there is hell on the other side after life.What about on this side on earth?

They call me zombie.I call me mumu or mugu.

When I take the 5th Amendment by mouth is seal. When I didn’t take the 5th Amendment my mouth is closed .So why take it.