COVID19 has over shadowed some other health issues.But these health diseases such as stroke, heart attack, cancer didn’t go away.They are still there and taking lives.

Stroke is a medical emergency, there is no time to waste.

Look for BE FAST.

B :Is there a lost of balance?.That is, sudden loss of ability to walk,is there dizziness?.Lack of coordination.

E: Do you have trouble seeing in both eyes or one eye?.That is,are you having double or blurred vision?.

F:Facial numbness or weakness especially on one side.Facial drooping.Severe sudden headache with no apparent cause.

A:Sudden weakness or numbness on the ARM, or leg.Paralysis could occur especially on one side of your body.

S: Having trouble to speak.Sudden confusion in comprehension, or understanding. Slurred speech.

T:Time is very important because every second wasted is brain lost.

Call 911 if outside the hospital,don’t waste time. If in the hospital call RRT(RAPID RESPONSE TEAM).Also it is very important to take note of the time that the first Symptoms started.If action is taken immediately, getting the right intervention within three hours of the start of symptoms, permanent deficits can be reduced drastically.


Sensory deficits that is affecting one side.

Aphasia (Left sided strokes)

Visual deficits.

Facial drooping.


Sensory deficits.


Lack of balancing.

Difficulty to swallow.

Involuntary movement of the eyes.

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