Mr James Nino Eric 54years old male undergoes Pericardial tap.( known as Pericardiocentesis)An invasive procedure which involves the use of a needle and catheter to remove fluid from the sac around the heart. The fluid is then sent to the laboratory to test for signs of cancer or infection. The nurse upon assessment finds out […]


Miss D.R. 65years old female was brought to the Emergency room by her son and daughter in law. CODE STATUS : DNR.(Do not resuscitate) ISOLATION PRECAUTIONS: Contact Isolation precautions for C- diff. She came in with abdominal pain x3 days, nausea, vomiting and history of left breast cancer. Admitting Diagnosis: Abdominal pain/Sepsis/ Pyelonephritis, C- diff […]


We are walking around . Going about our business. Coronavirus is hanging around . Like ticking ,ticking time bombs. We dance around,sing along. We run away at the sound of a firing gun but not with COVID19. Because COVID19 you cannot run. You cannot see it can’t run. Can you run away from death. It […]

Health Promotion,and Prevent Diseases.

Health Promotion: Is the believe or assumption that people will maintain their health by participating in certain type of life style changes that will prevent stroke,heart disease ,lung cancer,chronic pain,diabetes and washing their hands. And there are services that will help peopleĀ  to maintain healthy lifestyles no matter their social economic or their geographical locations […]

I Finally Scheduled My Annual Physical.

What do I ask my doctor? Assessment:Let the doctor do your physical assessment from your head to your toes. Check your vision(Known as eye Exam) Check your hearing. Check your mouth. Vital Signs :The Nurse will check your blood Pressure.If you have heart problems Cardiologist consult will be ordered.If you have kidney disease Urologist consult […]

Provide Emotional Support,Be There.

A Retired 70years Biology Teacher recently came to the hospital due to fluid in her lungs and abdomen. Parenthesis was done to remove the fluid. The fluid was drained ,pain was controlled and diabetes was properly managed. But the sad news was that the Doctor told her that she has only three months to live. […]