( 1 )What are the symptoms of COVID19 PANDEMIC?. (A)fever, sore throat, cough,headache , lack of Smell or taste ,sleepy all the time or difficulty to keep awake. (B) Nausea,Vomiting and headache. (C )Weight loss and nausea. (D)None of the above. Correct answer A. (2) Mr. Michael Lee just returned from China in January 2020.He […]


We are walking around . Going about our business. Coronavirus is hanging around . Like ticking ,ticking time bombs. We dance around,sing along. We run away at the sound of a firing gun but not with COVID19. Because COVID19 you cannot run. You cannot see it can’t run. Can you run away from death. It […]

Memorial Day.

It is with tears that we celebrate this memorial Day,May 25th 2020.In December of 2019, Coronavirus came into USA from WUHAN CHINA. And have spread around the world to Italy, Spain, South Korea, North Korea, Singapore, Africa.It became COVID19 PANDEMIC having spread around the world. Memorial Day holiday is a Federal government holiday that is […]