4TH CASE SCENARIO.(Nursing)Necrotic Fascitis Cellulitis.

Mr J.D. 49years old male was admitted into Medical/ Surgical Floor. Admitting Diagnosis: Necrotic Fasciitis Cellulitis. Secondly Diagnosis: Hypertension, diabetes poorly managed. Blood sugar in Emergency department 800.Insulin NPH 20units ,and 5units,of regular insulin given subQ to his right lower abdomen.Left leg red ,swollen with wound. Left leg elevated on pillows. SCD to the right […]

PRESSURE ULCER.WHAT IS IT?(In my understanding as a Registered Nurse)

Pressure ulcer in a simple term is known as bedsores or decubitous ulcers. They are localized damages to the skin.They are very expensive to treat, so the best thing is not to develop pressure ulcer.The hallmark sign of pressure ulcer is that they usually develop over Bony Prominence due to unrelieved pressure such as the […]