Questions and answers in Nursing.

(1) What is code blue in hospitals setting?. (A )Adult medical emergency (Cardiac arrest) (B )Pediatric medical emergency (C) Bomb threat. (D) Combative person. Correct answer A. Rationale: This is a Medical emergency occurring within the hospital. And the health care professionals should push the alert button or dial specific number.Hospitals have different codes for […]


CVA is Cerebrovascular Accident. CVA (Medical term)is another name for a stroke.This happens when there is shortage of blood supply to the brain due to rupture of blood vessels or blockage. Without the oxygen in the blood, the brain cells will die.Symptoms of stroke depends on the part of brain affected. There are two types […]


Age/Sex 37years Male. Unit : Q00000071 Admitted. 07/19/2007 MR:Q0008242624. Diagnosis Acute Appendicitis. Secondary Diagnosis : Hx ESRD HD Monday/Wednesday/Friday. Left kidney removal 06 /01/2004. Left permacatheter for Hemodialysis. General Surgery consult: Dr. Not Nice. On 07/19/2007 S/P Laparoscopic Appendectomy. Allergy: NKDA. Lungs clear on RA(Room air) DIET: Renal diet. Patient on dialysis = 90g protein, […]

13TH CASE SCENARIO. (Nursing)Osteomyelitis.

Mr. Godbless,Jose Lindsey. Age 59years. Sex : Male. Medical record :Q0000566778. Location: 2North, room221102 Admitted: 09/03/2009 Attending doctor: Dr Bigboy, J. Admitting Diagnosis: Osteomyelitis Drainage from fourth toe,uncontrolled blood sugar (blood sugar in Emergency room was 600) Secondary Diagnosis: Acute kidney injury, CKD,HTN,HLD,Diabetes. Language: Spanish speaking only. Height: 6ft 2 inches. Weight : 240lbs. Right […]

12TH CASE SCENARIO.(Nursing)Pyelonephritis.

Mr Lomos Davico Medical # Q000099932 Admitted: 02/25/2006. Unit : Medical/ Surgical floor. CODE STATUS: Full Code. Alert and Oriented x 4. Patient came to the emergency room, complain of back pain(Right flank pain) Admitting Diagnosis: Pyelonephritis, UTI. PMH:Diabetes, Antibiotics resistant, kidney stones, ESBL in urine,right eye cataract, fever of unknown origin, depression. Hand held […]