( 1 )What are the symptoms of COVID19 PANDEMIC?. (A)fever, sore throat, cough,headache , lack of Smell or taste ,sleepy all the time or difficulty to keep awake. (B) Nausea,Vomiting and headache. (C )Weight loss and nausea. (D)None of the above. Correct answer A. (2) Mr. Michael Lee just returned from China in January 2020.He […]


(1) A 28years old woman delivers an 8lb 2oz baby via spontaneous vaginal delivery. The nurse assists the patient with her first breast feeding experience. Which of the following should be the highest priority?. Answer: (A) check to if her bread is adequate. (B) Talk about her spontaneous vaginal delivery. (C)Stay with the mother and […]


Age/Sex 56years.male. Unit Q000000015. MR Q000098944.Attending doctor Dr. DON’T HATE. CODE STATUS Full code. Found down by daughter, Seizures, Cough, Etoh withdraw. Secondary Diagnosis Hypertension, seizures disorder and diabetes. Family history of hypertension and high cholesterol. Blood AC and HS. CIWA Protocols. Ativan 2mg IV Q8hrs. Ativan 1mg po Q4hours prn agitation. Room Air Lungs […]

CASE SCENARIO. (NURSING)TRAUMA (Found down by sister).

AGE/SEX 51years Male. Unit: Q00000017 Admitted 12/17/2008 Attending doctor: Coronae,Vincent. Medical record number:Q00009594332 Location : Transfer from ICU South to MedTelemetry . FULL CODE: Full Code. Diagnosis Found down,ICH,IVH(resolved).Seizure disorder. Found down by sister. Right hemiparesis.Aphasia, Nonverbal, dysphagia. Secondary Diagnosis: Hypertension. Weight 162lbs Height 5ft 6inches. TREATMENT: Head CT : left basal ganglion bleed with […]


Mr. Y . J.74 years Male brought into the Emergency room by his daughter, because of confusion for the past two days. Diagnosis: Hyponatremia ( Sodium 125), Sepsis. Secondly Diagnosis:High Cholesterol, Diabetes, Dementia, Hypertension. Allergy: Morphine, Vancomycin. Diet :Cardic Heart health diet. Generalized rashes( reaction to antibiotic – Vancomycin) Bilateral upper Extremity skin tears. Tegaderm […]


A 93 Years old female was brought in by ambulance due mechanical fall.She fell while she was playing with her grandson. Diagnosis: Ground level fall,left hip dislocation. History of hypertension, high cholesterol, heart burn. Plan is pain control. WBAT (Weight bearing as tolerated). DVT Prophylaxis. Up with physical therapist. Dangle leg at bedside. Left hip […]


Are blacks more vulnerable than other race due to UNDERLINE MEDICAL PROBLEMS?. Here are some factors that are affecting blacks than the speculations on television.  POVERTY. Is to lack,scarcity, no access to good food, unhealthy diet due to poverty,stress from poor neighborhood, polluted air, no access to good hospitals and socioeconomic status. WEBSTER’S DICTIONARY: Poverty […]


We are health care professionals that deceased due to COVID19 PANDEMIC in 2020. When we get to heaven, God will ask for our names and what we did.We will give God our names and tell God that we used to be health care professionals.But we lost our lives while saving the lives of others during […]

Happy Nurses Week 2020.

We are nurses.We are proud of the work that we do.And our patients need us more at this critical COVID19 PANDEMIC time than ever.Nursing is a profession that is within healthcare system.Nurses focus on the care of individuals, families and communities.Nurses provide care independently and also interdependently with doctors. Nurses promote and maintain ultimate quality […]

Death I Reject You.

I reject you all the time. I cannot accept you. You came in form of COVID19. Over 60,000 people died in USA. You brought too much strain on doctors and nurses. So many families lost love ones. Lots of psychological damages. You are a thief. You have no guns but deadly. You created isolation. You […]