Wound assessment is very important point in the preparation and treatment of wound. The entire person need to be assessed,life history, such as smoking,hypertension and diabetes. And for pressure ulcer to be treated effectively, a team approach is required. This involves the patients, families,healthcare providers and caregivers. Medical Diagnosis of : Pressure ulcer is usually […]


A 93 Years old female was brought in by ambulance due mechanical fall.She fell while she was playing with her grandson. Diagnosis: Ground level fall,left hip dislocation. History of hypertension, high cholesterol, heart burn. Plan is pain control. WBAT (Weight bearing as tolerated). DVT Prophylaxis. Up with physical therapist. Dangle leg at bedside. Left hip […]

Happy Nurses Week 2020.

We are nurses.We are proud of the work that we do.And our patients need us more at this critical COVID19 PANDEMIC time than ever.Nursing is a profession that is within healthcare system.Nurses focus on the care of individuals, families and communities.Nurses provide care independently and also interdependently with doctors. Nurses promote and maintain ultimate quality […]