This journey began in 2019 It was a journey that started from far away country not in USA. It started with the letter W Then followed by the letter U. We also have the letter H This was followed by A. Here comes the letter N WUHAN in China 2019. WUHAN stands for :World unite […]


In those days, long,long time ago,there used to be lots of Made in USA such as quality clothes, computers, stereos systems, foods, cell phones, shoes,facemasks,freezer,washer, corned beef,sardines,ventilators, Personal Protective Equipments. But in the past several years manufacturers became greedy wanted to produce for less and maximize profits. Economy is the maximization of profits.How can we […]

CDC Recommended Symptoms on Coronavirus(COVID19)

According to the Centers for disease control the initial symptoms associated with COVID19 are Coughing, Fever and Shortness of breath. These symptoms appear 2 – 14 days after exposure to Coronavirus. But recently CDC confirmed more six symptoms and these include. Chills. Repeated shaking and chills. Muscle pain. Headache Sore throat. Loss of taste or […]