The Boy and His Step mother.


My Step mother, mommy,mommy.

I have no other mother but you.

And I love you.

You cooked all these food. You have added some meat ,

and some fish.

You told me to come and take my food that you dished out.

But there was no meat in my dish.And there was no fish in my dish.

You told me to wait till my dad gets home from work.

One is loved because one should be loved.There should be no other reason to give from you loving your step child.-The Alchemist.

And that he will give me fish and meat from his plate because his taste better.


Okay my Step mother if you said so.

I have no where to go.

I have nobody to complain to.

Mother if you said so,if you said so.

My mother died of breast Cancer five years ago.(Metastatic Cancer).

My mother, I miss you so much.I am in pain .Can you come and get me .

My clothes are old and my shoes are all old but my daddy cannot see.

Take me tonight mother please.I love my Step mother but I love you more.

Life has never been the same since you departed five years ago.

Please do something mother.I am waiting on you.

Oh my Step Mother I love you.

Health Promotion,and Prevent Diseases.

Health Promotion: Is the believe or assumption that people will maintain their health by participating in certain type of life style changes that will prevent stroke,heart disease ,lung cancer,chronic pain,diabetes.And there are services that will help people  to maintain healthy life no matter their social economic or their geographical location in the world.

Below are Health Promotion Behaviors.(Voluntary behavior)

No smoking (If you can do not smoke)

Good Nutrition: Eat moderately.

Maintain idea body weight.

If you are pregnant attend prenatal classes and follow doctor’s


Sleep atleast seven hours a night.

Eat your breakfast (Most important meal of the day)

Do not live a sedentary life style.

Moderate Exercise. Little exercise a day will not kill you rather it will make you stronger.

Education :Get information about your health .

Communicate and learn from others and healthcare providers about

health promotion and disease prevention.

Drink moderate alcohol or wine

.Be happy because good mental health is good for the overall health.

Disease Prevention

This is to reduce the development of chronic diseases.Disease prevention is the action taken by individuals to avoid the display of disease.These actions

are taken to improve health by changes of social and economic determinant on health.By provision of information on people behavior,consultations and resources made available will help the prevention of chronic diseases.That is the prevention of acute,chronic and castastropic conditions.We must do the right thing to maintain our health.

For Examples.


Proper diet.

Adequate Exercise.

Doctor visit for early detection of

high blood pressure,

High blood Glucose.

Fever of Unknown origin.


What is the Role of Nurses in Health Promotion.

The Nurse should encourage patients to make informed decision.

Education: The Nurse should educate the patients on how to promote their health and prevent diseases.Inform patients of two groups of illness.Acute and Chronic illness.Acute illness is a rapid onset of self limiting but patient can receive specific treatment and return to their original state.Whereas Chronic illness is referred to as permanent disease.That is the deviation from normal to sickness state.It is an irreversible illness for example Cancer,heart disease,diabetes,and Chronic pain.

Florence Nightingale 1859 “Nursing ought to signify the proper use of fresh air,light,warmth,cleanliness,quiet,and the proper selection and administration of Diet ,all at the least expense of vital power to the patient.

And what nursing has to do  is put patient in the best condition for Nature to act upon him.”.

Nurses should educate patients to:

Take their Medications

Follow up appointment as scheduled.

Eat Right

Avoid Stress.

No Smoking.

Happy doctor with drug and patient on bed at clinic
Happy doctor with drug and patient on bed at clinic