My Honor As A Nurse.

On my honor as a Registered Nurse.

I will provide compassionate excellent Nursing care.

I will do my best now and tomorrow.
Be a good leader,not a follower.
I must Move Nursing Agenda Forward.
I must do my Best all the time.
I promise to update and obtain required CE every two years.
Advance my knowledge,education,and experiences.
I will be Knowledgeable not Knowledge Deficit.
Team player,work effectively with my colleagues and other ancillary.
Clock or sign in on time.
Clock or Sign out on time. Have all my equipment such as Stethoscope,Pen and Pencils.
I must Reason,and be Reasonable.
Perform my assigned role effectively and efficiently. Follow Hospital policies and Regulations.
Comply with JCAHO Standards of Care and Regulations.
Carry out Doctors Orders on Time.
Troubleshoot and be Supportive of my Colleagues. Know and Understand Patient Bill of Rights.
Respect Patient and Families. “The very First Requirements in a Hospital is that, it should do the sick no harm “Florence Nightingale .
Give medications by mouth and intravenously as ordered. Advocate for my Patients.
And provide TLC.
Must not Abuse Patients Physically, Emotionally or Sexually.
Promote Health and Prevent Diseases.
“I attribute my Success to this -I never gave or took any excuse”- Florence Nightingale .
Nursing Assessment.

What Do You Want When You Are In Hospital.

Clean Environment.Cleanliness is next to Godliness.You want the environment to be clean because first impression matters.No ugly smells,no roaches or bedbugs.

Hand Sanitizers and Hand Washing Stations in place.No signs of Hospital acquired infection.Doctors and Nurses must wash their hands before and after touching you.

Your Rights as a Patient. Know your rights as a patient.All of your rights must be explained to you.Demand for your rights.But do not forget that respect is reciprocal.Give me some respect.You have the right to accept and refuse treatment as long as you are not altered.
Lab Values : Normal lab values are important for your health.For example Potassium is one of the electrolytes of the body.Normal potassium level is 3.5-5.5millimole.An abnormal low potassium which is also known as Hypokalemia can lead to arrhythmia,and muscle cramps. Hyperkalemia is known as high potassium level and it can destroy your kidney. And low sodium can cause confusion or seizure activities of he body.(Normal sodium level is 135-145mEq/L) Diarrhea ,vomiting and certain medications can make you loose potassium.

Your blood level is also very important .We have red blood cells known as Hemoglobin and Hematocrit.Normal Hemoglobin is14-18g/dl.Normal(male)12-16g/dl (Female)

Hematocrit is the blood test that measures your total portion of red blood cells in your blood.Hematocrit  normal level  42-52High

White blood cell is sign of infection.Normal (WBC) White blood cell count is 4.5-11


Informed Consent: You need to be informed of any procedures that needed to be done by the doctor.The consent will explain your risk and benefits.The benefits and risk of the surgery will be clearly demonstrated.And you will sign if you agreed to the plans.If you are to receive blood transfusion ,you will need to need to sign.Do not be shy to ask questions.And do not pretend that you do not need what you need.

For example a 32 years woman was pregnant she has a sickle cell disease her hemoglobin dropped  down to 5.3.

She was told that she needed blood transfusion.But because she had previously lied to her husband that she does not have sickle cell disease.

She refused blood transfusion,only to die one week later at home.It was very painful and a sad case.”Knowledge deficit related to disease process”.

Pain Medications: You should be medicated for pain as ordered and as needed .If the particular medication that you are taking is not working ,let your Nurse know.

Language : There is need to have access for language interpreter.This allows the Nurses and Doctors to communicate with you and gather accurate information about your health.

Generalized edema or edema in the upper extremity.Notify your nurse immediately.Why are you swollen?Find out why.

,Output: Urine color,appearance,  consistence ,and frequency of urination.Are you have difficulty to urinate?Foley catheter? To avoid infection you should not have Foley catheter  for more than 48hours to 72hours maximum, unless you have retention,stage 111- 1V pelvic wounds , Neurogenic bladder and other related factors.Bowel sound: Are you having a good bowel movement.If do you not let your Nurse know.

Room  Mate : You are all by yourself in a room, nice.But sometimes you are not.It is the responsibility of the Charge Nurse to pair you with the right room mate.I do not want a patient that snores too loud or watch Television all night,or talk all night or has constant smelling loose stool all day and night either.

Check on Me: You want your Nurses to check on you regularly.Proactive Nurses will anticipate your needs and do it.

Discharge Dates:You want to know  your discharge date upon admission to the hospital.This allows you and your family to make plans and stick to it.Because you have life after hospitalization.