Who Is A Christian?

A Christian in my perspective is someone who believe in God and abides

by the doctrines of their religion or faith.As a true Christian you will learn to chose to love over hate.Wikipedia.”Christianity is a monotheistic Abraham religion based on the life and teachings of Jesus Christ”.

A True Christian will not be Drunk with themselves.

A true Christian will not be Drunk about their Position.

A true Christian is always and willing to give back no matter how small.

Purity: A true Christian is ready to sacrifice for others.

They have some of these qualities divinity,godliness,kindness,good,work hard to perfection.They are men and women of Virtue.

They avoid using pressure on others and the people that are below them.

A good Christian is knowledgeable of the Christian faith,the institutional policies,procedures,Systems,Standards and the laws.They are very grateful in knowing and applies this knowledge acquired in the process.

They try to understand the other side well.Ask questions and seek clarifications when not sure.A true Christian will love his wife,children and his neighbors just as himself.

A good Christian will avoid emotional outbursts.Do not overact if the other party exhibits such behavior.

Be Concrete and Flexible when presenting your Stand.

Use Reason and be Reasonable.

Be Fair.

What will be your reward if you Gain the Whole World and end up in Hell with Perpetual Burning?

Advocate Effectively For Patients And Families.

To advocate is to show support and promote the interest of your patients.

Here are some guides to help you advocate for your Patients.

Knowledge: know the plan of care of your patients well ,including minute details.
Time:Do you remember the adage that says “time is money? You must spend enough time discussing the plan of care with your patient, family and understand their concerns.

Bill of Rights: Be familiar with patients Bill of Rights.

Standards and Law: Be knowledgeable of the law and the Standards of Regulatory Agencies such as JCAHO regarding certain patient care issues such as Informed Consent ,DNR, Do Not Resusitate.

Honesty: Be honest with your patients and families.Admit when you do not know the answers to their questions .And promise to verify and find out and then get back to them.Do not say what you do not know.

Convey: Communicate patient and family concerns to the appropriate personnel,obtain answers and Report results back to the patient and family.

Ethical Issues: Identify ethical dilemmas and refer them to the ethics committee in a timely fashion.

Your advocacy for your patient care help them to reduce the seriousness of their problems.And make them see you as their God sent Angel.Do not worry that” they do not know your name.But they surely remember how you make them feel”-Maya Angelou.