Come to me. Come back to you. Back to us. We must not be recolonalized. By East. By the West. They should keep those Fingers away from Nigeria. You are our parents. We miss you so much. We got no other parents. But you Nigeria. You are our hope and strength. Our cries must not […]


Hate sounds bitter in my mouth, for so long ,long time. Lived with strong hatred, Have no reasons to do so. But my mother said so. Why feel intense for them. Why find her distasteful. But it became part of me with time. It beckons on me to hate. Hate with great intensity. Wasted my […]


After the Wedding of James and Vanessa in August 11th of 2001.Christina and her mother returned back to Nigeria September 4th 2001. Christina mother before returning to Nigeria took some time to show her daughter in-law how to make some Nigeria soups and dishes. She taught her how to make Ogbono soup,Egusi soup,Okra soup and […]

STORY TIME. (Unpreparedness )

Once upon a time, there live a man who has no plans or goals,but he has confidence.So when his age mates started to get married,then it hit him that he also need to get married.Where are all my beautiful girlfriends. It is time to get married, so he called the first girlfriend and she replied.Sorry […]


Where are you my love? You stood like you evolved. You are my sweet dove. If you are sweet candy.Then I crave for  sweet candy.I am ready to eat up the candy.And worry about toothdecay later.We giggle with each other. Holding hands on the street. You rebuilt and organized me. We jump up together. Happy and […]

PRAYER OF A LITTLE GIRL TO GOD.(Poem by Philomena Okeke)

God I love you . I hope that you are listening. Thanks for making me pretty. Everything I got came from you. My mom said that it came from her. But how truth is that? I love my mom. And I love my dad. My dad and mom love you. Because they make me pray […]