Do you know tomorrow. Nobody knows tomorrow. Sunshine or rainfall. Mermaid or merrow. Tomorrow is pregnant. It could be boy or girl. I wanna borrow wings. And fly like butterflies. Metal good conductor. Of heat and Electricity. Noble gases are nonreactive Elements. Then non-metals are Poor conductor of Electricity And Heat. Science granted. Is tomorrow […]


Christina and her mother came to America.Christina oldest brother, James lives in New York.He was getting married to her beautiful long time,live in girlfriend Vanessa. Christina was Seventeen years old when they came to America. The wedding was in August 2001 .Christina was very happy to the extent that she could not contain herself.She wanted […]


(MY BEDTIME STORY.) Christina is the youngest of eight children.Money was very tight for the family. So her mother thought about how to generate money for foodstuff and some school supplies for her siblings. So Christina’s mother decided to send Christina to sell some of their produce at Onitsha Market in Nigeria .She counted the […]