(1) A 28years old woman delivers an 8lb 2oz baby via spontaneous vaginal delivery. The nurse assists the patient with her first breast feeding experience. Which of the following should be the highest priority?. Answer: (A) check to if her bread is adequate. (B) Talk about her spontaneous vaginal delivery. (C)Stay with the mother and […]


After the Wedding of James and Vanessa in August 11th of 2001.Christina and her mother returned back to Nigeria September 4th 2001. Christina mother before returning to Nigeria took some time to show her daughter in-law how to make some Nigeria soups and dishes. She taught her how to make Ogbono soup,Egusi soup,Okra soup and […]

Story of a Girl and The Bird.(Bedtime story).

FICTION. My dear beautiful bird with a long beak.How old are you? I am almostĀ  three years old. How tall are you? I am 36inches tall? How much do you weigh? I know that some birds weight 20lbs to 40lbs. I weigh much less than that.You have a large wingspan which are really great. Why […]