(1)A 65years old female is admitted to the hospital with a diagnosis of Myocardial infarction. Morphine sulfate is ordered by the doctor for pain relief. In addition to providing pain relief the nurse knows that Morphine sulfate will provide what effect?. (A) Increase blood return to the right side of the heart. (B) It will […]


There are ten GOLDEN RULES of medications administration safety. There has to be doctor’s orders. First, Administration of the right medication. Remember that some medications look alike and sound alike. So administer the right medications. Secondly, Administration of medications to the right patients. Make sure that the medication is not labeled with another patient name. […]

29TH CASE SCENARIO. ( NURSING)DIABETES. A group of diseases that result in too much sugar in the blood.Diabetes is a chronic condition that affects the way the body processes sugar.It is a multi- system disease.Diabetes mellitus can be referred to as metabolic disorder known as hyperglycemia.This happen due to lack of insulin. High glucose levels, if not controlled will […]


Breathing is respiration. Not breathing is dyspnea.(air hunger, shortness of breath) What is Normal respiratory rate?. Adult is 12 to 20 breath per minute at rest. Less than 12 per minute is not good. Also above 25 breath per minute is not good either. Ineffective breathing pattern is when the inhalation and exhalation does not […]

NURSING QUESTIONS(comfort and mobility)

(1) A 69 years old  female  is living with her handicapped daughter.She develop pain and swelling on her left leg,she was brought in by ambulance to the emergency room.      The emergency room doctor diagnosed her with thrombophebitis which is inflammation of blood vessels.She is placed on bedrest 5-7 days, and admitted to Medical /Surgical […]


I like to stick to what I believe in. I persisted on my speech. I must persist To persist you must know He said NO. But I persisted . Where is NO? I t does not fit. I have no time to waste. Push ,push on. In Nursing School you persist. No is not an […]


I have no place of my own. Wearied by the vagaries of a hard , and cruel life on the street. Sick and admitted into the hospital. Moved in like I just rented a room in the hospital. Do not call me homeless ,I know. Moved in with all my belongings into the hospital. A […]

I Finally Scheduled My Annual Physical.

What do I ask my doctor? Assessment:Let the doctor do your physical assessment from your head to your toes. Check your vision(Known as eye Exam) Check your hearing. Check your mouth. Vital Signs :The Nurse will check your blood Pressure.If you have heart problems Cardiologist consult will be ordered.If you have kidney disease Urologist consult […]


Nurse and Patient Husband. Foley catheter was inserted in a fifty years old female due to urinary retention based on the Emergency Room doctor’s order.Patient was having difficulty to urinate,all effort for her to urinate before placing the Foley catheter in her was impossible. Bladder scan was done and it showed that she had over […]