Why I Married A Nurse.

Nurses are health care professionals who are in a position to take care of patients from their physical needs to spiritual,social and down to their emotional needs.

To know a nurse is to love a nurse.Genevieve and Roy Bixler husband and wife team, who are not nurses wrote in 1945 stated, “about the status of nursing and repeated their seven criteria in 1959 included embodiment of knowledge,well defined,well organized,techniques of education,intellectuals,who exalt services above personal gain.Nurses believe in the opportunity of continuous professional growth and economic security”.

Here are my 15 Reasons why you should Marry a Nurse.

Nursing jobs are everywhere .There are hospitals everywhere in the world.If you are a nurse in India,Philippine,Nigeria,Mexico ,you can be a Nurse in CANADA or USA. Nurses have the most flexible shift 7-3:30pm,11am -7pm,3pm,-11:30pm,2pm-1030pm,6am-2:30pm,11pm-7:30pm.

Nurses are born to listen.Do not forget that they listen to their patients.So they are ready and willing to listen to your aches and pain .Nurses can turn lemon into lemonade.They are very good with troubleshooting.

Nutrition: Nurses understand balanced diet and want to provide it to their families.They understand the need for protein,Fat,Carbohydrates ,Vitamins and Minerals.

Health: They understand health screening and following up with their children immunizations.

Nurses are great sex partners. They understand the G spot.But you must understand how to approach your partner.Nurses that marry their follow Nurses live forever together.My former director has been married for over forty years with her husband ,who is also a retired Nurse.

A friend is someone who knows everything about you and still love you.

Ebert Hubbard.

“Love is selfless.It is prepared to sacrifice“.-Sadhu Vaswani.

Parenting:When it comes to parenting ,Nurses are great parents .They acknowledge their roles as their children Role Model.

Smartness: Nurses are critical but not violent and they understand very clearly what make sense and what does not make sense.They are assertive,very loving ,romantic and yet tough.As a Nurse you must learn to be strong and tough in other to be able to deal with critical patients and their families in a very challenging time.

Supportive.They give tender loving care to their patients and they will easily give it to their partner and children.Be there ,acknowledge and ready to receive it. “Who so finds a wife ,finds a good thing and obtain favor of the Lord”-Proverbs 18:22.

Team player: Nurses are team players ,calm and calculating even in a stressful situations.Nurse will get you out of a tough situation.

Compassionate Care: Nurses have seen it all .They have seen the worst case scenarios.They have seen life and death situations.Nurses are compassionate and very kind.
True love cannot be found where it does not exist nor can it be denied where it does.-Torquato Tasso.

Income Stability.:Nurses income are stable .Most Nurses are credit worthy.Nurses are in high demand.Good benefits packages,401k,457 and good retirement package.

No Dull Moment: Nurses have great sense of humor .There is no dull moment with a nurse.A Nurse is a human being that also need to be pampered.

Travelers: Nurses love to travel .They believe that life is too short,so they want to enjoy and see the other side of the world.Visiting important places in the world.Nurses understand life very well.

Catalyst: Nurses are agent of change .They like to work and turn things around for the best.

Obedient: Nurses are very obedient,they comply with the rules and regulations of the hospitals, in order to move the establishment forward.

I Finally Scheduled My Annual Physical.

What do I ask my doctor?

Assessment:Let the doctor do your physical assessment from your head to your toes.

Eyes sight examine

Check your vision(Known as eye Exam)

Check your hearing.

Check your mouth.

Vital Signs :The Nurse will check your blood Pressure.If you have

heart problems Cardiologist consult will be ordered.If you have kidney disease Urologist consult will be ordered.

Blood draw,pap smear .Referral for mammogram given if you are of age

or family history of cancer.

Happy doctor with drug and patient on bed at clinic

Weight loss: Inform the doctor of unintentional weight loss. Unintentional weight loss could be very serious and sometimes deadly.Speak up.

Possible chest Xray based on why you are there.

Medical, Social history and Surgical history should be provided to the Doctor and Nurses.Heath history and family history should be provided to

your Doctor so that they can take good care of you.

Vaccine : When was the last time that you have your flu and pneumonia vaccine?
Homelessness: Where do you live? Your living condition must be provided too.

If your condition is serious you might be referred for admission into the hospital for observation and treatment.

Be your own Advocate.

Building Nurse Patient Trust Relationship.

NURSES YOU MOVE ME by Philomena Okeke @Amazon.com

Effective Communication:Communicate well with your patient.

Introduce yourself, for example.”My name is Jenny I will be your nurse from 07am to 3:30pm.Explain your role in the Medical Team to your patient. Write down your name on the chalk board.Update the chalk board.

Assess and Listen: Assess your patient from head to toe, and listen to their needs and concern.For example are they in pain,do they want to change position,use the urinal or use the bedpan.Or do they want to go to the restroom or make a phone call to family or friends.

Effective communication: Communicate well with your patient.Introduce yourself.For example “My name is Jenny I will be your nurse from 7am to 3:30pm”. Explain your role in the medical team to your patient.Write down your name on the board.Update the chalk board.Make the information on the boasess and Listen:Do your 5minutes head to toe assessment.Listen to their needs.What do your patient need ? Is he in pain,does he want to use the restroom,urinal or bedpan?Or does he want to change p

Show Empathy: Be compassionate to the needs and concern of your patient.Prevent falls,keep your patient safe and call light within his reach and the bed in a low position at all times.

Bedside Manner: Keep patient table clean and organized and what he/she needs within reach.For example glasses,earning aids,and denture.

Be knowledgeable: Know your stuff,if you are not sure tell patient that you will call the doctor or will find out and come back.Update them with their plan of care.

Validate Patient feelings: When you show that you understand and demonstrate that you care about what they are going through.It will allow them to trust you.And to discuss freely with you.

No defensive Mechanism:Do not use defensive mechanism.Nobody want or like defensive mechanism especially when you are sick.Tell the patient when you will be back after you finish with them.Be pro-active find out what they need before you leave.

Outside the Hospital: Ask them what they did before they became ill.

By doing so you are letting them realize that you recognize them as a human being that has life before hospitalization.

Involve patient in their care: Patient and his/her family should be involve in his/her plan of care.

Anticipation of Needs: Anticipate your patient needs and do hourly rounding on your patients to make sure that they are comfortable.We all want tender loving care.Will you want extra catch up or napkins from the Restaurants? So do your patient. Before leaving the patient always ask if there is any other anything that you can do for them.

Thank your patient and reassure them that you will be back in one hour.

Nurse Assessing, Communicating, and Changing Dressing.