Questions and answers in Nursing.

(1) What is code blue in hospitals setting?. (A )Adult medical emergency (Cardiac arrest) (B )Pediatric medical emergency (C) Bomb threat. (D) Combative person. Correct answer A. Rationale: This is a Medical emergency occurring within the hospital. And the health care professionals should push the alert button or dial specific number.Hospitals have different codes for […]

Comprehensive Questions and Answers.

(401)What is the antidote for coumadin?. (A) Protamine sulfate. (B) Vitamin K. (C )Narcan. (D )Streptokinase. Ccorrect answer B. Rationale: Inhibits blood clotting by interfering with hepatic synthesis of Vitamin clotting factors. Vitamins K helps with the clotting. Antidote for heparin is Protamine sulfate. Antidote for opioids is Narcan. (402) Laboratory test to test the […]

27TH CASE SCENARIO. (NURSING) Abdominal Wall Abscess/Pneumonia/Coughing.

Age/Sex. : 58years Male. Unit : Q00000035 Admitted :10/12/2011Location :4EAST. Room Number. 4003Attending doctor. DON’T, HATE. CODE STATUS: Full code. Diagnosis : Abdominal Wall abscess/Pneumonia/Coughing. I &D with iodoform packing at the bedside by the doctor Miller,Spermide Secondary Diagnosis:Chronic IV drug abuse COPD, Schizophrenia and bipolar, 2gm herone every day. Weight 140lbs,height 5ft 8inches. Allergy: […]


Age/Sex 37years Male. Unit : Q00000071 Admitted. 07/19/2007 MR:Q0008242624. Diagnosis Acute Appendicitis. Secondary Diagnosis : Hx ESRD HD Monday/Wednesday/Friday. Left kidney removal 06 /01/2004. Left permacatheter for Hemodialysis. General Surgery consult: Dr. Not Nice. On 07/19/2007 S/P Laparoscopic Appendectomy. Allergy: NKDA. Lungs clear on RA(Room air) DIET: Renal diet. Patient on dialysis = 90g protein, […]


Mr B.B 35years old Male. Brought in by ambulance to emergency room. English Speaking. Full Code. Medical record number: 0001111222245 Admitting date 09/06/2004. Status :Inpatient Admission. Attending doctor: Dr. Too Much. Room 502211. Admitting Diagnosis: Motorcycle Accident. Right Distal Humerus Fracture. Right Acetabular fracture. Past Medical History: Right knee Surgery. Patient was splitting up lanes […]

2ND CASE SCENARIO.(Nursing)Osteomyelitis

A 48 years female was brought in by her husband to the Emergency room. Diagnosis:Osteomyelitis of right foot. Her foot was red and swollen. Diabetic ulcer under the right foot. Secondly Diagnosis: Diabetes type 2,hypertension. Patient was admitted to Medical/Surgical floor. Full code Room Air. DIET :Diabetic heart health diet. Blood sugar QAc +Qhs. Voiding […]

Why I Married A Nurse.

Nurses are health care professionals who are in a position to take care of patients from their physical needs to spiritual,social and down to their emotional needs. To know a nurse is to love a nurse.Genevieve and Roy Bixler husband and wife team, who are not nurses wrote in 1945 stated, “about the status of […]