REFUSED TO LISTEN.(POEM by Philomena N Okeke)

  1. I had a crush on him.
He crushed my soul. And I crushed his soul. Parents advice no longer mattered. I kissed School goodbye. He kissed School goodbye. Call it disappearance or elopement. It lead to Sin City. Marriage or Wedding not necessary. At least not for us. My tummy started to grow. I do not want my tummy to grow. He said that I am healthy. I say no it’s baby. He denied my big tummy. He started to hit. I don’t understand the hate. I thought we are in love. Are you my crush? My love is gone. Prayed and cried. It is finished,gone. Come back my love. Come back to to me. I am still in love. While I sat in the dust. I miss your kisses. I accept your imperfection. I accept your failures. Accepted our stupidity. Please come back. I need you. But cannot find you. Mom please forgive me. To err is human and to forgive is divine. THE END. NB : She returned back to her parents gave birth to a baby boy. Two years later,she got married to a PhD holder(College Professor) ,had a good wedding. And she became a Registered Nurse.


Once upon a time there lived two sisters.

One named Angela and the other was Margaret.

Angela was attractive

while Margaret was not attractive.

Their parents went on a business trip.

Angela and Margaret did not go for the business trip.

They were instructed to stay home and close the doors.

They did not listen and did not close doors.

They are not suppose to cook.

They went out to play .

And they also cooked.

Then came two group of kidnappers.

One group kidnapped Angela

The other group kidnapped Margaret.

Later Angel got married to one of her kidnappers.

But Margaret did not get married by her kidnappers.

Rather Margaret was used to make money.

She was sent out to do some odd jobs in various houses.

So Margaret did various odd jobs.

Meanwhile Angela was living happily in her new home.

She conceived and gave birth to a baby girl.

Margaret was sent to work for Angela .She was sent to babysit for Angela.

Upon arrival Margaret recognized Angela.

But Angela did not recognized Margaret.

Angela gave Margaret instructions on how to take care of the baby,

and left for work.

The baby started to cry and Margaret started to sing ” my niece,my niece please do not cry, your mother is my sister but she did not recognize because I HAVE BEEN GOING THROUGH ROUGH TIME. We disobeyed our parents who instructed us not to cook or go outside to play.

We did not listen and went outside to play.

And we got kidnapped.

While your mother got lucky, I Margaret was not so lucky.

She (Angela) had you I am still busy doing odd jobs.

So my princess,my dear princess do not cry .Baby do not cry. my baby.

Margaret kept singing the song ,one day Angela was returning home.

She stood at the corner of the house to listen to Margaret song.

Then Angela realized that Margaret was her missing sister.

She ordered for Margaret status to improve .

Margaret was cleaned up and taken to the store .

They went to buy whatever that she needed.

She bought clothes,shoes,and jewelries.

Angela and her prince bought Margaret a beautiful Castle.

They(Angela and Margaret) both later went back to where they were kidnapped from, and there they found their old fragile parents.

And brought them back to live with them.

Yes old happy fragile parents.


Why Do So Many People Want To Be A Nurse?

Is it because of their cute uniforms?

Or because their parents want them to be a Nurse.

Because they love taking care of the sick.
They believe in health Promotion and Disease Prevention.

Or because of Job Security?

Okay because they will get good health insurance and good Benefit Package.

Simply because you want to work in the hospitals.

Is it because they could interact with so many different people.

Or you want to influence change and become different than before.

Or you want to be the agent of change.

Because you want to be knowledgeable about health and Pathophysiology.

Because you want to be Healthcare Professional.

No matter what is your motivation,I encourage you to find your niche and make sure that you LOVE what you are doing.Because Nursing is great but sometimes emotional draining and could be Challenging depending on your areas of specialization.

Nursing Student with cute uniform.


Normal Lab Values

Hemoglobin 14-18(varies in some facilities)
Hematocrit 42-52g/dl
WBC 4.5-11.0g/dl
Platelet Count 150-350
Potassium level 3.5-5.5 mEq/L
Sodium level 135-145mmol/L
Chloride 95-1-5mmol/L
Calcium level 8.5-10.5
Phosphorus 2.5-4.5
Magnesium 1.7-2.5MeQ/l
Bun 7-18
Creatinine 0.5-1.2
Glucose level 70-110
Normal Ammonia level 10-20
Vancomycin level 15-20.
There are some slight variations from Hospital to Hospital.


CODE BLUE =Cardiac Arrest/Medical Emergency

CODE GRAY =Combative Person.
RRT= Rapid Response Team.
CODE PURPLE = Child Abduction.
CODE PINK =Infant Abduction.
CODE WHITE =Medical Emergency Neonatal/Pediatrics.
CODE SILVER =Hostage or Shelter in place-person shooting weapon.
CODE YELLOW= Bomb Threat (Dial required #and Location)
CODE ORANGE = Hazardous Material Spill.