(MY BEDTIME STORY.) Christina is the youngest of eight children.Money was very tight for the family. So her mother thought about how to generate money for foodstuff and some school supplies for her siblings. So Christina’s mother decided to send Christina to sell some of their produce at Onitsha Market in Nigeria .She counted the […]

REFUSED TO LISTEN.(POEM by Philomena N Okeke)

I had a crush on him. He crushed my soul. And I crushed his soul. Parents advice no longer mattered. I kissed School goodbye. He kissed School goodbye. Call it disappearance or elopement. It lead to Sin City. At least not for us. Marriage or Wedding not necessary. I do not want my tummy to […]


Once upon a time there lived two sisters. One named Angela and the other was Margaret. Angela was attractive while Margaret was not attractive. Their parents went on a business trip. Angela and Margaret did not go for the business trip. They were instructed to stay home and close the doors. They did not listen […]

Why Do So Many People Want To Be A Nurse?

Is it because of their cute uniforms? Or because their parents want them to be a Nurse. Because they love taking care of the sick.They believe in health Promotion and Disease Prevention. Or because of Job Security? Okay because they will get good health insurance and good Benefit Package. Simply because you want to work […]