CASE SCENARIO. (NURSING)TRAUMA (Found down by sister).

AGE/SEX 51years Male. Unit: Q00000017 Admitted 12/17/2008 Attending doctor: Coronae,Vincent. Medical record number:Q00009594332 Location : Transfer from ICU South to MedTelemetry . FULL CODE: Full Code. Diagnosis Found down,ICH,IVH(resolved).Seizure disorder. Found down by sister. Right hemiparesis.Aphasia, Nonverbal, dysphagia. Secondary Diagnosis: Hypertension. Weight 162lbs Height 5ft 6inches. TREATMENT: Head CT : left basal ganglion bleed with […]

Happy Nurses Week 2020.

We are nurses.We are proud of the work that we do.And our patients need us more at this critical COVID19 PANDEMIC time than ever.Nursing is a profession that is within healthcare system.Nurses focus on the care of individuals, families and communities.Nurses provide care independently and also interdependently with doctors. Nurses promote and maintain ultimate quality […]