Let there be no excuses.

Excuse is lack of focus.

My parents were very poor.

That is excuse for failure.

Their poverty should not be excuse for.

Rather a great opportunity for.

Check out Oprah Winfrey,Alan Gerry,

Kenny Trouth ,Howard Schultz were among

the riches people in the world.

Their parents were very poor.

How many were born with silver

spoons in their mouth?

Atleast not in my mouth

Dream big and take action.

Practice how to behave.

Let your practice be a habit.

Refrain yourself from bad language.

“Everyone is the carver or maker of his or her

own fortune or misfortune.”

Make the best out of life.

Be moderate in all things.

Develop a good temperament.

Have good health and happiness.

Virtue is an asset that will elevate you.

There is equal opportunity for you.

Difference between poor and rich.

Is all about choices that we make.

The mind is very powerful.

Therefore the mind cannot be idle.

An idle mind is a devil workshop.

Train your mind in the right direction.

And smile to the bank.

Train your mind in the wrong direction.

Blame yourself for lack of riches.

“you wanna fly,you got to give up the shit that weighs you down”

-Toni Morrison,Song of Solomon.

Well train mind is a beautiful garden.

Untrain mind is a desert.

Develop your mental capacity.

Think right and do right.

Replace sadness with love.

Turn negativity into positive thoughts.

Smile,you can do this.

You got the desire and the will.