There are ten GOLDEN RULES of medications administration safety. There has to be doctor’s orders. First, Administration of the right medication. Remember that some medications look alike and sound alike. So administer the right medications. Secondly, Administration of medications to the right patients. Make sure that the medication is not labeled with another patient name. […]


Age/Sex 65years Male. Patient name: Butler,David. Admitted 06/12/2004. MR : Q000099923236 Admitting Doctor: Abraim ,Jesus. Location: 2West CODE STATUS Full code. Height :5ft 9inches. Weight: 125lbs. Admitting Diagnosis: Depression. Signs and symptoms of depression are withdrawn, regressive behavior, Obsessive thoughts, unkempt appearance, insomnia, psychomotor retardation. NURSING RESPONSIBILITIES: Check for possible suicide, report behavioral changes, meet […]


The mask that I know.We understand all the instructions before use. We follow all OSHA guidelines such as training, fit testing and medical evaluation to meet up with OSHA specific requirements. Do not alter, misuse,wash,or abuse. We got that. You give 95% Protection. The mask with confidence. The mask I trust. I threw you away […]

Nursing Collaboration.

Communication: Nurses understand that communication is a very important recipe for Nursing assessment. This is one of the fundamental of nursing process.Great interpersonal skills are very important.It promotes good patient outcome,creates mutual respect for each other. Proactive Nurses: These Nurses come to work ready to solve problems.They function effectively and efficiently within the Nursing profession […]


The call light is life alert or lifeline.It is a universal standard that demonstrates the quality of care.It should not be abused by anyone. There are various types of call lights (Regular call lights,call lights for paraplegics and call light for quadriplegics.) Who should answer the call light? In my perspective everyone should answer the […]