Mrs Theresa Ngozi Tuan. 66years.Female. Full code. MR: Q0000999667 Location: Trauma unit Room 3042NorthEast. Admitted: 09/14/2012. Diagnosis: Intracranial Hemorrhage and Skull Fracture. Due to Car accident. SAH,Skull fracture. Bruises bilateral eyes, especially right eye.Frontal bone fracture with pneumocephaly. Right orbital wall fractures. Headache. Facial lacerations. Suture right upper eyelid. Patient said to the nurse I […]

13TH CASE SCENARIO. (Nursing)Osteomyelitis.

Mr. Godbless,Jose Lindsey. Age 59years. Sex : Male. Medical record :Q0000566778. Location: 2North, room221102 Admitted: 09/03/2009 Attending doctor: Dr Bigboy, J. Admitting Diagnosis: Osteomyelitis Drainage from fourth toe,uncontrolled blood sugar (blood sugar in Emergency room was 600) Secondary Diagnosis: Acute kidney injury, CKD,HTN,HLD,Diabetes. Language: Spanish speaking only. Height: 6ft 2 inches. Weight : 240lbs. Right […]