Mr B.B 35years old Male. Brought in by ambulance to emergency room. English Speaking. Full Code. Medical record number: 0001111222245 Admitting date 09/06/2004. Status :Inpatient Admission. Attending doctor: Dr. Too Much. Room 502211. Admitting Diagnosis: Motorcycle Accident. Right Distal Humerus Fracture. Right Acetabular fracture. Past Medical History: Right knee Surgery. Patient was splitting up lanes […]


Mr. Y . J.74 years Male brought into the Emergency room by his daughter, because of confusion for the past two days. Diagnosis: Hyponatremia ( Sodium 125), Sepsis. Secondly Diagnosis:High Cholesterol, Diabetes, Dementia, Hypertension. Allergy: Morphine, Vancomycin. Diet :Cardic Heart health diet. Generalized rashes( reaction to antibiotic – Vancomycin) Bilateral upper Extremity skin tears. Tegaderm […]

Happy Nurses Week 2020.

We are nurses.We are proud of the work that we do.And our patients need us more at this critical COVID19 PANDEMIC time than ever.Nursing is a profession that is within healthcare system.Nurses focus on the care of individuals, families and communities.Nurses provide care independently and also interdependently with doctors. Nurses promote and maintain ultimate quality […]