7TH CASE SCENARIO.(Nursing)Diabetic foot ulcer.

Mr A.J. 44years old man came into the Emergency room. Alert and oriented ×4 .Full code. Diagnosis: Diabetic foot infection Right great toe and second toe abcess,blister pop opened. Consultation: Podiatrist doctor consulted. ( Doctor Too Cute) Adaptive dressing change Qday. Incisions and drainage to be done at 1045am. NPO after midnight. Room air. Lungs […]


Miss D.R. 65years old female was brought to the Emergency room by her son and daughter in law. CODE STATUS : DNR.(Do not resuscitate) ISOLATION PRECAUTIONS: Contact Isolation precautions for C- diff. She came in with abdominal pain x3 days, nausea, vomiting and history of left breast cancer. Admitting Diagnosis: Abdominal pain/Sepsis/ Pyelonephritis, C- diff […]

4TH CASE SCENARIO.(Nursing)Necrotic Fascitis Cellulitis.

Mr J.D. 49years old male was admitted into Medical/ Surgical Floor. Admitting Diagnosis: Necrotic Fasciitis Cellulitis. Secondly Diagnosis: Hypertension, diabetes poorly managed. Blood sugar in Emergency department 800.Insulin NPH 20units ,and 5units,of regular insulin given subQ to his right lower abdomen.Left leg red ,swollen with wound. Left leg elevated on pillows. SCD to the right […]