The book “””The man drove me Bananas “”is love stories of women that fell in love got married innocently. When Nicole found out her mistakes and all the ” aha” moments she insisted on hanging in until she is forced to hang out.Susan did not inquire but just have to deal with it.

Derrick and Jennifer were perfect for each other.They understand each other values ,respect and trusted each other.

The main actors and actresses are Mike,Nicole, doctor Paul, Susan.

Other people behind the scene are Nicole parents, Paul mother,Jennifer, Derrick,Mike’s mother, and Andrew’s wife.

Other stories.

Andrew and Sons Ltd.

Louisa the nurse.

The Cuckoo Clock.

Tessie,road trip with Nicole.

Hampton Inn room 201.

The people in the bar.

Are men barbaric according to Nicole?.

Rosie’s advice.

Vivian the stranger with her husband and two children.

20minutes of Mike and Miss Woodger .

The dinner at Nicole parents.Unannounced visit of Mike and his mother.

Nicole moved back home and flooded the couch with tears.

Paul and Nicole wedding.

The Big Party in town with every celebrity in town.

Shopping for the baby.Its a boy.

And so much more.

It is a love story,highly interesting book.

Nicole loves Mike.

Mike has a high sex drive so Nicole pretended to be Mike sister and solicited women for Mike.Eventually people found out and bullshit both of them.Nicole became ashamed and filled for divorce.

She left New York city with her friend to Los Angeles.

Hampton Inn?.

So what happened in Los Angeles?.

Did Nicole remarry?.

Who are Nicole parents?.

What happened to Mike did he stop sleeping around?.

Who went to Las Vegas?.

What happened in Las Vegas?.

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