“Until you FAIL you will not know the value of PASS”.

I understand this to means so many things and here they are.

It is never greener on the other side. Or is it?.But one thing that I don’t want is “poverty”. It is a terrible disease. It takes you six months to pay off $375.00 Television and it took him five minutes to pay $5,000.00 for Television Online. The air is free for all of us. But the rich enjoy it much more better whether black or white rich.Please think about it very well. I wore that shoes. We have seen the huge difference between a rich COVID19 patient and not so rich COVID19 patient.Pre-existing or no pre- existing conditions.

Until you are poor, you will not understand what poor people go through. You need to taste it to believe it.I will clarify later.

Until you become rich and famous,you will not understand that uneasy lies the head that wears the crown. You see so many people will love you.And more will hate you and wish you dead because you are rich.Even members of your inner family. You just be you ,so that you can get the real people that will love you.

Until you are poor and a minority patient, you will not understand the severe discrimination against minority in healthcare industry. If you are a patient and you ask questions, they want to discharge you. But ask questions to the right people. You ask for pain medication, you are an addict.They forget that the process of inflammation and pain take equal effect on you no matter your race.

Until your airplane landed in a different country due to insufficient fuel or terrorist attacks, or there was a plane crash. You will not appreciate and understand the value of smooth landing. I know most people have seen smooth landing so many times,and have seen plane crashes with ever lasting and unimaginable pain.The pain is perpetual. So until you are directly involved you cannot judge how their love ones feel.

Until your menstrual cycle decide to take a vacation. You will not understand the value of regular menstruation. Well this time it decided not to show up. And something that you did not plan for,will show up in a couple of months.So if you’re sexually active, appreciate the menstrual cycle that shows up unannounced at the right time.I rather wash my stain underwear or buy new underwears than chlamydia or unplanned pregnancy.

Until you got a terrible boss,you will not know the value of your current boss.So don’t burn your bridges. Appreciate what you have and make amendment. Monitor your health, and be part of your health care plan. If your blood pressure is 140/90.It is abnormal. Make sure that you take your blood pressure correctly. Use the right blood pressure cuff so that you don’t get inaccurate results.Do you have mild headaches and tension at the back of your neck?.Listen to your body.

Until you work with racist and hateful people. No matter what you do, they will criticize. You might not appreciate wonderful people in your circle.

Can I ask you this?.Are you living or existing?.

Philomena N Okeke RN.

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