Story Time About the Dog and His Owner.

"You must give everything to make your life as beautiful as the dreams that dance in your imagination"-Roman Payne.
My handsome big dog dedicated to his owner.Runs errand for the owner.
The dog is asked to go into the house and bring kola nut(this could be anything for

It is a bedtime story about a dog and his owner.The owner surprisingly had visitors that they were not expecting .So the owner started a song like this.

My handsome big dog go into the house in the living room and get me some kola nut, so that we can give to these uninvited visitors.I did not invite them and I am sure that you did not invite them.So come on big boy go into the house and get me some kola nut so that we can give to these strangers.Hopefully the kola nut will force them to tell us why they are here.

So the dog went into the house and got the kola nut.The uninvited strangers ate the kola nut.After eating the Kola nut (coca cola) they confessed that they are interested in buying the piece of land in their backyard so that they could be their neighbor.Sometimes a kind gesture can lead to meeting pretty nice people.The dog owner told them that she owns the land but the land is not for sale.So they left back to where they came from.The big dog and his owner live happily there after .The End.


My Honor As A Nurse.

On my honor as a Registered Nurse.

I will provide compassionate excellent Nursing care.

I will do my best now and tomorrow.
Be a good leader,not a follower.
I must Move Nursing Agenda Forward.
I must do my Best all the time.
I promise to update and obtain required CE every two years.
Advance my knowledge,education,and experiences.
I will be Knowledgeable not Knowledge Deficit.
Team player,work effectively with my colleagues and other ancillary.
Clock or sign in on time.
Clock or Sign out on time. Have all my equipment such as Stethoscope,Pen and Pencils.
I must Reason,and be Reasonable.
Perform my assigned role effectively and efficiently. Follow Hospital policies and Regulations.
Comply with JCAHO Standards of Care and Regulations.
Carry out Doctors Orders on Time.
Troubleshoot and be Supportive of my Colleagues. Know and Understand Patient Bill of Rights.
Respect Patient and Families. “The very First Requirements in a Hospital is that, it should do the sick no harm “Florence Nightingale .
Give medications by mouth and intravenously as ordered. Advocate for my Patients.
And provide TLC.
Must not Abuse Patients Physically, Emotionally or Sexually.
Promote Health and Prevent Diseases.
“I attribute my Success to this -I never gave or took any excuse”- Florence Nightingale .
Nursing Assessment.


Christina and her mother came to America.Christina oldest brother, James lives in New York.He was getting married to her beautiful long time,live in girlfriend Vanessa.

Christina was Seventeen years old when they came to America.

The wedding was in August 2001 .Christina was very happy to the extent that she could not contain herself.She wanted to try all American Restaurants McDonald, Jack in the Box,TGIF.She also wanted to visit the Malls.

vivid image will always the message home.

But her mom did not want American foods,she asked for Africa Stores to see what kind of foodstuffs that they have. And also visited the Malls,look around and hear some gossips.She also wanted to go to India stores for Turmeric and some other spices. In each restaurant that Christina visited, she wished they have it in Nigeria.She took a picture of McDonald and said please come to Nigeria.You can stop at Lagos, I don’t care,just come to Nigeria.

Oh my God, America I love you already.There is constant electricity supply, water,good roads.I wish I live in this beautiful, wonderful,magical Country.

Her mother quickly jumped in,stop wishing and stop getting excited.You are returning back to Nigeria with me.If we allow you to stay with your brother and his wife , you will mess up their marriage. Christina calmed down and went into her room to check and see if her bridesmaid gown look good on her.Her brother went to Christina’s room and said, Christina listen to me,all you need is to work hard in school, then apply for Universities in United States of America.And if you gain admission, I will help you.Prepare to take the international examination ,TOEFL TEST. ets.org/toefl.

She was very pleased to hear that.So she huged her brother without making

a comment but determined to do her best.

The United States of America is design and made by the people and for the people.That means that the people of America voted for their leaders to be in the office, including office of the president.Most of the founding USA Fathers were there at the constitutional convention,where the constitution was born.George Washington presided over the convention of great men.While James Madison used his special pen and wrote the document that til today formed the model of the America constitution.

So,there is usually an election day in each State.It is very important that everyone participate in the election by voting their conscience.That means that we the people can shape the government and its policies, the way we want it.It is very important that you get involve in your local Communities.You can be involve in your community through various organizations such as Clubs, Churches or work places.You can be a community leader and you can decide to run for Office in the future if you want to do that.The most important thing is to be part of the community.But you must be an American Citizen.

Do not involve yourself in crime or felony. There are 50 States in USA and there are various communities in each State. You can hold office position. Do not allow yourself to be relegated to the background.Be a great civilian or join the force.”Anything that is worth doing is worth doing well.

But as a new comer to foreign land,you need to have a roadmap, a solid plan.You need to obtain social security numbers, get a place to live,learn English, register for school, learn to drive and obtain driver license.

There were other people that came before Christina who faced so many discrimination.Mrs Johnson have difficulty in settling in.

They looked around to find their bearings.Then they found where to buy African foods. They applied for apartment they were denied because they have nothing to present when background checks was done.No record found. No record is much better than nasty records.So they decided to live with relatives ,work and save up money for themselves.

Here are some website to visit as a Newcomer.





Christina mother pointed at Mrs Johnson, we don’t want to be like them do we?.Myself and your father have worked so hard for what we have in Nigeria, beautiful houses, nice cars, and maids .Why should I leave to come over here for people to tell me ” you have an accent, can you speak English “.Over my dead body, I love my Country Nigeria. I will live and die there. I will only come here to visit. Christina thought that her mom is a primitive woman.She whispered Lord forgive her for she know not of what she said.Her mother replied Christina what did you say?. She replied, you know that your father is a great disciplinarian. I will not tell him what you said.Mom please what happened in America should stay in America.Her mother laughed and realized that Christina is learning very fast.



Christina is the youngest of eight children.Money was very tight for the family. So her mother thought about how to generate money for foodstuff and some school supplies for her siblings. So Christina’s mother decided to send Christina to sell some of their produce at Onitsha Market in Nigeria .She counted the items that she wanted Christina to sell which included Cassava, Vegetables, mangoes and some ukwa.She counted it put everything in a big pan and Christina carried the items to the Bus stop,where she boarded a bus to the Market.

She sat in one corner to sell her items.She sold all the items.She counted her money and was very pleased that she made $40.00 (equivalent).She was lucky that a group of women ,who felt that Christina should be in School bought the items more than the actual price.They advised her to go home and go back to school and they left.They told her that she is a very beautiful girl that need to go to College. She listened and nodded her head throughout without any comment  .But actually their advice didn’t sink in,as far as Christina was concern. She wanted to make extra money to help her mother.

Gambling is playing games in an attempt to win money. So she played with cards which involved payment if you lose. Her intention was to win plenty of money.


Uncertainty. Upset stomach. Distress. Parents beat up. Migraine. Shame. Anxiety.

Possible Depression.

She went and used the Market restroom and was ready to return home as advised.Oh was she?

But on a second thought she decided against going home early because her parents will not understand how she was able to sell everything under two hours.

She saw some groups of gamblers and decided to try her lucky with them.They have their cards and talked very fast like they were singing or humming and advised her on what to do. So she played with two dollars and she won one dollar. She got excited and played with a higher amount $10.00 but she lost.They encouraged her to try again and she lost again. She cannot imagine going home. What will she tell her parents?


So she played until she lost all her money.It was like a terrible nightmare.She must go home to face her punishment.So she cried ewe,ewe,ewe, ewe,ewe all the way home.

When she got home,her parents asked her to wipe the tears in her eyes and slowly tell them what happened and why is she crying. It took her a long ,long time for her to stop crying and wipe her face.When she finished telling her story. Her father flogged her thirty six strokes, twelve in her right hand, twelve in her left hand and twelve on her tiny buttocks .She cried and finally fell asleep.She could not sit down for two days because her buttock was raw and painful.Her father said to her “Human progress is neither automatic nor inevitable. Every step toward the goal of justice requires,sacrifice, suffering; and struggle; the tireless exertions and passionate concern of dedicated individuals. ” -Martin Luther King, Jr.You Christina must learn to understand that without struggle and sacrifices it is difficult to progress unless you were born with a silver spoon in your mouth. Yes sir replied Christina.

Her pain was very painful for her siblings but they could not salvage her.

Her parents asked her if she knows how to make money. She replied “NO”.

And they asked her if she understands the value of money. She replied “Yes”.

Her father responded no you do not otherwise you wouldn’t have wasted all that money with criminals. Christina later realized that in Western world gambling is not a bad idea but lots of fun.She forgave her dad anyway because she learned a good lesson from her mistakes.




Michael likes to eat food all the time. He like hamburger, fries,cookies, ice cream,and chocolate pudding. But he does not like to read. He doesn’t like to learn his Alphabet. Do not discuss studies in his face. But his mom knows a better way. Mom always know better. So she decided to trick  Michael to learn his alphabet using foods. Michael do you know that Alphabet is the building block of literacy?. I don’t know mom.What do you mean?

    And this is how it goes. Okay Michael repeat after me. A is for Apple. B is for Banana,Bread,Buttermilk. B is also for Bird. C is for cakes, carrots,cookies,cheeseburger.

D is for Donuts, Dark chocolate. E is for Eggs, eggplant. F is for French fries. G is for Grapes, Green Teas,Grains. H is for Ham,Hamburger,Horse. I is for Ice cream,Ice tea. J is for Juice. K is for Kiwi fruits . L is for Lemon,lemonade M is for Mangoes. N is for Nachos, noodles.

O is for Oranges. P is for Peanuts,potato chips. Q is for Quesadias. R is for Raisin, Raspberries,Rice. S is for Salmon,Snacks,Sandwiches. T is for Toast,Taco bell,Tomatoes.

U is for Ukwa,Ukha. V is for Vanilla. W is for Watermelon, Walnuts. X is for Xavier. Y is for Yogurts. Z is for Zucchini.  Michael repeated each letter after his mother until they got to Zucchini. Mom what is zucchini? I haven’t ate zucchini before ,can you buy some zucchini? Let me teach you a song using Alphabets. A,B,C,D,E ,F,G,H. I,J,K. L,M,O,P (Repeat) Q,R,S,T. U,V,W,X,Y,Z. Another short song.



John is a 9years old boy.

Who lived in the farm with his adopted parents.

He was adopted at the age of 4 years old.

John watched them farm.

So one day John planted apple seeds.

He did not scattered his seeds.

Some seeds did not fall by the roadside.

None of his seeds fell by the rock.

But he dig the ground very well with the help of his father.

He poured some good soil before planting.

Because he wanted his seeds to yield apple trees.

Every day John will stand by his plant.

And sing a song.

As he watched  his plant.

My plant, my plant please grow and grow.

Can you please grow.

Grow so that I can harvest the fruits.

Grow because I am hungry.

Grow because I need to eat.

Grow because I need to sell the fruits.

I have no other means of survival.

Grow because I am suffering.

Grow because I am am orphan.

I have given you seven reasons why you should grow.

So now that you know the reasons, can you begin to yield fruits.

John watched   fruit tree all the time except when he is sleeping.

Or when he is at school.

He watered his plant in the morning and at night.

John never gave up.

He became happy as the tree grew and bear delicious apple fruits.

He persisted, sang and watered his plant.

Yes he sang and watered his plant.



Loyalty means to have a strong feelings of support.It is to be committed,patriotic,dedicated,devoted and having strong bond.

It is a very important component of business.

Loyal employees will keep the business going under sunshine or rainfall.Loyal customers will take the business to the future.What did we learn from Naomi and Ruth story.Ruth and Naomi had close relationship and they both live in Moab when they both lost their husband.Naomi planned to return to Israel but encouraged Ruth to remain in Moab.

But Ruth showed her commitment to Naomi and said,” RUTH 1:16-17 Do not urge me to leave you or to turn back from you.Where you go I go,and where you stay I will stay.Your people will also be my people,and your God my God.Where you die I will die and will be buried.” Naomi had a strong relationship with Ruth ,and she became committed and highly devoted.

Take care of your employees and they will take care of your business.It is a simple as that

Richard Brandon.Loyal employees are assets not liabilities. But some people take comfort in their acquisition of power ,and having placed themselves in most high positions,they become obsessed with power and wealth,forget their loyal employees in an attempt to enrich themselves.They become defiant,stubborn,difficult,controlling,disregard and disrespect.

Some of these people end up unhappy ,lonely and miserable because they have acquired so many enemies but very few friends.They will then begin to realize that power is not permanent rather temporary.And will leave the power possessor miserable and sad at the end.

Our God is our God ,he is a faithful God.So be patient when the time comes he will deliver.Be loyal and faithful in all your endeavor. Roman 10: 17 said that faith comes by hearing the words of God.You have faith in what you understand.Therefore we should pray for the Holy Spirit to direct us and lead us to the understanding of the Lord.

I watch ELLEN SHOW every day,and you can see that Ellen employees are very committed,dedicated and faithful and her fans show allegiance,bond and inseparable .And Ellen in return shows serious commitment to her staff and customers.


A patient is developing wernicke-korsaff syndrome ,what will be the

signs that the patient will exhibit?

(A) Memory loss and disorientation.

(B)Wernicke -korsaff syndrome is due to Vitamin B deficiency and usually is exhibited in patients with poor diet intake and long standing alcoholism.

(C ) Confabulation,disorientation and memory loss are some of the signs.

(D ) All of the above.

2. A Rape victim came to the emergency room for treatment.

What will be very necessary for the nurse to carry out for her own and the victim legal protection .

(A) Record the victim’s account of the assault accurately in the victim’s own word.

(B) Assess the victim to make sure that she is honest.

(C) What is the victim’s origin.

(D) She asked for it.

3. Patient with pernicious anemia received intramuscular vitamin B12.

The patient asked the nurse when will she stop taking the injection.

What will be the right response from the nurse?

(A) The injection will be necessary for the rest of your life.

(B) For two more weeks.

( C) For three months.

(D) For two more months.

4. Jennifer 29years old female delivered a full term baby boy,about 6hours after delivery ,the nurse assisted patient with ambulation.What was the primary reason why the nurse encouraged patient to walk.

(A) The nurse is terrible and controlling.

(B) She does not want the patient to go to sleep.

(C ) The primary purpose of walking is to prevent thrombophlebitis.

(D)To avoid bedpan.

5. A newly diagnosed cancer patient is to start chemotherapy.

The nurse should know that the early side effect of chemotherapy is.

(A) Weakness and irritation

(B )Poor appetite and sleep.

(C) Anger and frustration.

(D) Mouth ulcerations.

6. Patient wanted to know if he will be bald as a result of the chemotherapy.

The nurse should.

(A) Assess patient understanding of alopecia.

(B) Explain the side effect of chemotherapy.

(C ) Encourage patient not focus on that yet.

(D )No you will be just fine.

ANSWERS 1.D,2 A,3.A,4.C,5.D,6.A