Dying in thousands.

We don’t need mask he said.

COVID19 is a fake he said.

They both trusted and believe themselves.

These are men of timber and caliber.

They walked around without mask.

Men of timber and caliber.

Some people joined them.

Dream richism.

We also don’t need mask they said.

But they are not timber and caliber.

Are they pauper.

No they were not pauper.

Dream pauperism.

The rich man got COVID19 survived.

Hospitalized for four days.

He is very wealthy and influential.

Returned home,quarantined for ten days.

The rich friend got COVID19.

He was admitted in the hospital.

He also survived.

The the lion in the zoo got it.

I feel richism

He was treated but did not survive.

He was laid to rest.

Rest in peace other animals said.

Then the poor and less privileged got the COVID19.

You say pauperism.

They struggled, if you are lucky.

You die under the ventilator.

If you’re unlucky you die and discovered one week later.

So they died in thousands from COVID19.

Due to so many factors.

If the lizard jump into river.

The rat must not do the same.

Because lizard will survive.

But rat will not survive.

So some and healthcare workers.

Changed addresses and went to heaven.

Passenger died from Coronavirus.

United airlines.

Rich or poor comply.

Richism comply.

Pauperism comply.


Vaccines distribution.

60,000 infected in California on 11/22/20.

75 years and older for vaccines

after essential workers.

The list goes down the line.

Millions lost their jobs.

Hunger and starvation .

No money for rent.

No money for mortgage.

People are standing at the balcony.

Waiting for stimulus check.

But the wealthy pretend to care.

Really using deception to deceive.

Make people wait to see how many will survive.

Where is the stimulus package to help

They all asked.

It’s on the way.

Are you sure.

What is this callousness.

If COVID19 didn’t kill .

Let hunger kill.

Doctors are crying.

Nurses are crying

God come down.

God yes you come down.

The leaders with heart are silenced.

We got the ones without heart.

Another day of uncertainty.

Pretending to care.

Stop the pretence you are suffocating us.

God are you seeing this.

Dying in thousands.

Dying in thousands.

Yes young and old dying in thousands.

Without pre- existing conditions.

What pre-existing conditions.

Wealthy are full of preexisting conditions.

But they all survived.

The heartless men matching.

With preexisting conditions.

While people are dying in thousands.

Published by edochie99

A Registered Nurse with over twenty years of hospital experience, an author with Masters Degree in Nursing,also Bachelor Degree in Nursing,graduated in 1996 from USC,University of Southern California.MSN in 2009 University of Phoenix.

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