1.When do you do reassessment of your patient?.

Most of the hospitals full assessment is done every,and reassessment every 4hours.At the lowest minimum patient is reassessed every shift, before procedure and after procedure. After giving pain medication should reassess in 30minutes,also whenever you observe a change in patient’s condition. Special assessment protocols apply to Emergency room patients, ICU,OR,PACU,Procedure rooms an interventional Radiology.

2.When do you plan discharge of patient?.

A.Discharge planning starts upon admission.

B.The morning of discharge.

C.Why me?.The case manager and the social worker should do it.That is not my job.

D.Discharge is done by the management.

Correct answer A.Rationale: Planning discharge upon admission is the correct answer. It is not the job of the manager.

3.What does interdisciplinary team consist of?.

The interdisciplinary team consists mainly of the physicians, nurses, pharmacists, physical therapists, Occupational therapists, Social workers, Respiratory therapists and Case managers. They provide continuity of communication between healthcare professionals, patients, families and significant others. Provide measurable goals for the patients through proper communication.

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