Bullying is an abusive behavior by peers to attack their peers to frustrate them and if possible to force them to be fired or quit. Unfortunately the management tend to look the other way because they want to keep managing. Moreover majority carry the vote.

Behavorial theory suggests that behavior can be modified with reinforcement through punishment or rewards. Bullying should not be rewarded by management by firing the bullied for no apparent reason.

This is rewarding the bullies to continue to torture other nurses. Nurses should give other nurses the opportunity to be active rather bullied and made passive learner that is unwillingly forced to leave with tears in her eyes.

Nurses should give the new hire irrespective of her/his Race the opportunity to understand their role and perform the job. They should not gang up against other nurses like gangster just to make their life unbearable.

New nurses or New hire should be given the opportunity to learn from a variety of educational activities provided by the department/ management.

The new hire should be shown how to perform the departmental skills that is required to do his or her job effectively.

If Competence is the main goal and not denial and elimination, the New hire should have adequate support and opportunities to practice the application of skills and knowledge and receive feedback from the preceptor.

The New nurse should not be marked “to be removed”””based on race or because she is more qualified.

The nurses should not provide negative and frustration for the New hire rather provide learning that are satisfying, positive and highly rewarding experience to the new hire irrespective of her race and background.

We thought that COVID19, DELTA VARIANTS and OMICRON will make some nurses to stop the discrimination rather it got worse or maybe it depends on the location where you found yourself.

What is good for you is also good for other nurses.

Stop the gossip,Stop the bullying and Stop the makeup lies.

In conclusion I will like to see improvement in nurses accommodating other nurses and if they think that the society is not aware of the hatred towards others by some nurses believe me they are not paying attention.And that is why the society were indifferent about the number of nurses that lost their lives during COVID19 PANDEMIC. And that is also why the society were forced to support the nurses publicly during COVID19,most of them were reluctant. To the new hire, document very well important things that you did ,cares given,and document whoever that you handed over to.

Pay attention to what you are doing and do it well.There is usually bedside reports for the incoming nurse to eyeball everything 😀. So if she is complaining after you’ve left that is her problem. Make sure that you check everything and labeled your ivpiggy bags ,medications during your shift. Do not leave medications at the bedside. Most bullies are very unhappy in their personal lives due to:

1.They are the bread winners, the only person in the family with meaningful employment.

2.Unhappy relationship. They’re not getting along with their husband or partner. Some are divorced old and lonely. The kids have moved on.So they come to work to pick a fight to innocent nurse that wants to make a living.

3.Lack of sex.Some of these nurses have no boyfriend or husband that they can call their own.Food ,shelter and sex are basic necessities of life.They pretended, dismissed sex as a basic human needs but then they compensate with foods . They want to monopolize the unit where they work, and advocate for only people who look just like them .So they lie and carry propaganda against the ones they don’t want.

4.Disfunctional families. Some of these nurses came from dysfunctional families.

5.Burned out.Some of these nurses are burned out but they do not want to change job or department because they can close their eyes and do the job.

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A Registered Nurse with over twenty years of hospital experience, an author with Masters Degree in Nursing,also Bachelor Degree in Nursing,graduated in 1996 from USC,University of Southern California.MSN in 2009 University of Phoenix.

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