1.Exploratory Thoracotomy: It is a surgical intervention to find the cause of a disorder by opening a thoracic cavity.This is use to confirm suspected diagnosis of lung 🫁or chest disease especially for carcinoma for biopsy.

2.Pneumonectomy: This is Surgical removal of all or part of a lung, bronchogenic carcinoma when lobectomy will not remove all of lesion, tuberculosis when when other surgery will not remove all of diseased lung.

3.Lobectomy: Removal of one of the lung.Bronchogenic Carcinoma is confined to a lobe,bronchchiectasis,emphysematous blebs or bullae,lung abcess,tuberculosis,fungal infections,benign tumors.

4.Thoracoplasty:Removal of ribs,residual air space after surgery; chronic empyema space.

5.Wedge Resection: Removal of pie-shaped section from surface of lung; localized inflammatory disease such as TB,well- circumscribed benign tumors,metastatic tumors.

6.Decortication: Removal of fibrinous peel from visceral pleura; chronic empyema.

7.Bilobectomy:Removal of two lobes from the right lung; bronchogenic carcinoma when lobectomy will not be able to remove all the disease.

8.Sleeve Lobectomy:This is the Resection of main bronchus or the distal trachea with reanastomosis to a distal uninvolved bronchus: bronchogenic carcinoma to preserve functional parenchyma.

9.Segmental Resection:Segmentectomy: This is removal of one or more lung. Segments; bronchchiectasis; lung abcess or the cyst; metastatic carcinoma.

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