(1)A 68years woman is admitted to the hospital complaining of persistent lower back pain.The nurse puts her bed in semi Fowler’s position with hips and knees moderately flexed.The rationale for this position is to :

Answer: Relieve tension at the lumbosacral region. Knee flexed relieves pressure on Sciatic nerve.

(2)The nurse performed dietary teaching as part of discharge planning for a 65years old female with Osteoporosis. The nurse should emphasize the importance of dietary intake of Vitamin D for this patient because Vitamin D.

Answers: Increase Calcium absorption.

(3) A 29years old man is admitted to the hospital with a Diagnosis of addison disease. The nurse assess the result of the patient blood test and find that the sodium is not within normal limit. What will be the nursing diagnosis for this patient if his Sodium continues to remain abnormal?.

Answer: Self care deficit related to fatigue, weakness and dehydration.

(4) The nurse cares for a 45years old man immediately following surgery for treatment of hemorrhoids. Which of the following concepts about pain should the nurse assess in order to provide effective patient care.

Answer: Patient response to pain can be culturally learned.

Hemorrhoids :distended vein in anarectal area.Signs and symptoms bleeding, pain.

Treatment: Cold packs, warm sitz baths, with hazel soaks, topical anesthetic or steroids ,increased fiber diet,fluid, stool softeners, surgery.

(5)A 26years man fractures his left femur in a bicycle accident. A CAST is applied. Which of the following exercises would be most beneficial for this patient?.

Answer: Quadriceps setting of the affected limb.

(6)The nurse assesses a patient with a history of Addison’s disease, who has received steroid therapy for several years. The nurse could expect the patient to exhibit which of the following changes in appearance due to prolonged steroid therapy.

Answer : Truncal obesity, purple striations on the skin moon face.

Rationale: Due to excess glucocorticoid.

(7) The nurse performs an assessment of a 76 years old female seen in the Health Clinic with a diagnosis of Osteoporosis. What is the major predisposing factors for the development of Osteoporosis with this patient?.

Answer: Decrease in estrogen levels.

(8)The nurse assesses the needs of a 66 years old female with diagnosis of herniated disk who complains of pain.What is the most appropriate question for the nurse to ask?.

Answer: How will you describe your pain?.

(9) The nurse assesses a patient admitted to the hospital with adrenal crisis due to addison’s disease. The nurse should expect to find which of the following early signs of adrenal crisis?.

Answer: Nausea, Vomiting, Abdominal pain and diarrhea.

(10) The nurse in the hospital performed teaching to a patient with COVID19. What will be the appropriate teaching?.

Answer: Self Isolation precautions for 14days,social distancing, 6feet apart,washing hands with soap and water frequently for 30seconds,use hand sanitizer frequently.Wear facemask when going out.Drink adequate fluids, take your medication as prescribed by the doctor. Family members who tested positive should also be quarantined.

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