Polymerase chain reaction tests is known as PCR.These are the most common and most accurate tests for the determining if someone is currently infected with COVID19 (novel Coronavirus)

Quadriplegia.This is paralysis of all limbs usually caused by severe neck injury. Quality of life : Is that which makes life worth living. The standard of health, happiness and comfort.

Radiculopathy: Pain caused by irritation of the nerve as it exist the spinal cord.

Radical Prostatectomy: Surgery to remove the prostate.

Senile Dementia: Diagnosis to people over 65years with dementia.

Stratum Corneum: The most superficial layer of the dermis.

Thoracic: This is in relation to the chest.

White Matter:The inner portions of the brain that is composed of the axons surrounded by myelin sheath which insulates the nerve fibers.

Warfarin: An anticoagulant drug that prevents blood clotting. Need to have regular blood test if on coumadin. Wernick-korsokoff syndrome:A neurological disorder of the brain that happens due to the deficiency of vitamin B1.It is a cognitive disorder that damage the brain.

Xanax: Medication use to treat anxiety and panic disorder.

YAG Capsulotomy. The common problem after cataract surgery is cloudiness of the membrane. YAG Capsulotomy is done to improve vision after cataract surgery. It doesn’t need to be done in operation room.

Zoonotic Disease: An infectious disease that is transmissible under normal condition from animals to humans. Zantac: Over the counter antacid medication that reduces heartburn in 30minutes. It is antihistamine and antacid. It can also treat GERD(Gastroesophageal reflux disease)and stomach ulcer.

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