So many physically disabled nurses face discrimination among their peers, patients families and the organization. It is important to know that as a disabled nurse,you are protected under ANA new code of Ethics 2015,” Treating other family with respect, promotion of health and wholeness, safety and competence. Colleagues treating each other fairly. The (ADA)America Disability Act of 1990 or 2008 Amendment .(ADAAA)


Nurses with disabilities are forced to leave the profession because of discrimination against them.They are tagged, labeled, called names.

Throughout my nursing profession, I have met nurses with disabilities but never paid attention rather gave them respect and accommodation. These are great competent nurses ,highly compassionate.Some of these nurses became physically disabled on the job but they never complained rather did their job quietly and go home.

Most people see the profession without seeing the “Human Beings” in the profession. That nurses are human beings, they cry ,they laugh, they hurt and they develop health problems just like any other human being. Some psychological factors can be major problem to acceptance. Most people need some degree of security and stability to change and accommodate something different such as been disabled. Most people will find a comfortable zone and do everything to maintain it.Conformity and commitment to “normalcy” can be a powerful force against change. And that is detrimental to accommodation of handicapped colleagues.

How many nurse have KNEE IMMOBILER on while they work?.Pay attention you will find one or two of them in your shift. They try to hide it because of fear of discrimination, they kept on working, and so many nurses suffered in silence. I recalled 15years ago a nurse was diagnosed with breast cancer but her insurance didn’t cover the treatment regimen, so she was left to worsen.She became disabled from arthritis and stopped working,then developed diabetes then breast cancer. She cried and I cried her with her.I went and spoke with her doctor who told me that she doesn’t have insurance to cover her treatment. She helped and treated others for 30years but she was denied help when it was her time.

In 2014 ,as I worked as a Registered nurse, I observed a nurse that limps .I felt sorry for her.She was severely discriminated against. She was labeled and tagged as “Handicapped Nurse”.I recalled a patient family member came to me one day that I was in charge and asked, “Do you know that she is handicapped?.” I replied ,yes sir I know. What do you need ?.I can help you. He replied she need to be fired immediately. I responded okay sir,I will let my manager know.

Nurses discriminated against her so badly. She will hide in the rest room and cried.She had a wonderful manager who had her back. I later found out that she became disabled just few years before I started to work there.

Today I remembered her as if it was yesterday. Whenever she sat down,she will have bags of ice blocks in her hip to reduce the inflammation. I believe that she has severe Osteoarthritis. She eventually was forced to resign, stayed home and babysit her grandchildren.

There are so many reforms that can help families who are in medical debt and that include the nurses.The Robby Lewis House Bill 1420 became law in Maryland ( Charity care reforms became State law)www.NATIONALNURSESUNITED.ORG

Nursing profession is a hazardous job that most of us are not aware of .

During COVID19 PANDEMIC so many nurses died from COVID19 because they were in forefront. Some of them became permanently disabled and are forced to resign or retire.As at January 2020 there were 282 confirmed cases in four countries and nurses were in the forefront. On January 24th 2020,NNU and CNA/NNOC sent facility requests for information to make sure that they are prepared for COVID19. January 30th,2020 Global Nurses United demanded WORLD HEALTH ORGANIZATION to strengthen its guidelines on prevention and to control the deadly COVID19 PANDEMIC. But most of these organizations turned their deaf ears.

On February 28th 2020 NNU warned that United States hospitals are not prepared for COVID19 after an infected patient at UC DAVIS MEDICAL CENTER led to self-quarantine of at least 36RNs and 88 other health care workers. On MAY 12TH 2020, 1,000 NURSES HAD VIGIL TO HONOR FALLEN NURSES.Nurses due to the nature of the jobs are in forefront with so many plagues. Over 600,000 individuals died from COVID19 in United States including nurses.




Neal-Boylan L,Hopkins A,SkeeteR,etc. al.The Career trajectories of health care professionals practicing with permanent disabilities Acad Med 2012;87:172-178.

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A Registered Nurse with over twenty years of hospital experience, an author with Masters Degree in Nursing,also Bachelor Degree in Nursing,graduated in 1996 from USC,University of Southern California.MSN in 2009 University of Phoenix.

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