1. How do you explain high alert drugs?.

A. The drugs that only physicians can give.

B.Pharmacy must approve drugs.

C.The drugs with many side effects.

D.Are most likely to harm the patient if given wrongly.

Correct answer D.

2.Which of the following can lead to errors among health care professionals when administering medications?.

A.Look alike and sound alike medication. For example: Clonidine, klonopin.

B.The availability of high concentration of medication.

C.Medications with similar package color, shape and size.

D.All of the above.

Correct answer D.

3.Medication errors can be reduced by?.

A. Proper medication administration.

B. Medication dispensing.

C.Medication labeling .

D.Medication prescribing.

E.All of the above.

Correct answer E

4.Complications of IV therapy are?.


B.Circulatory overload.

C. infiltration.

D.All of the above.

Correct answer D.

5.What are the high alert medications?.

A.Heparin, insulin, , dopamine,potassium chloride, theophylline.

B.0.9NS,Tylenol, NSAIDS.

C.Motrin ,Norco.

D.None of the above is correct.

Correct answer A.

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