A 50years old man with a diagnosis of MVC with bilateral ankle fractures.ORIF of right ankle with external fixator in place.History of hypertension, polysubtance abuse and liver Cirrhosis. Hemothotax ,Pneumothorax. Full codes, standard precautions. Risk for fall,low bed,side rail up. Placed in sitter room.No risk for suicide. No advance Directive and copy of advance Directive on the chart.A fracture is a break in the continuity of the structure of the bone or cartilage. It may result from a traumatic injury or occur as result of some underlying disease process.Healing requires realignment of the bone fragment,immobilization and restoration of the bones function. The injury to the musculoskeletal system can result in fractures and soft tissue injury. Encourage patient to sit in fowler position,avoid lying supine for prolonged intervals. Exhale through mouth while exercising.

QUESTIONS AND ANSWERS. 1.The strong, flexible inelastic fibrous bands that attach to muscle are?.




D. Cartilage.

Correct answer is B.Tendons ate the strong fibrous bands that attach to the bone.

2. Patient during recovery stage performs exercises with resistance after a knee injury. This type exercises is known as?.

A. Isotonic.


C. Aerobic.


Correct answer is D.Isokinetic exercise involves muscle contraction with resistance.A,B,C are all wrong answers.

3.A patient experiences urinary tract infections due to immobility. The main causes of urinary tract infection can be more likely because?.A.Acidic. B.Aromatic.C.Dilute.D.Alkaline.Correct answer is D.Because background ore easily in alkaline urine than in acidic urine.Aromatic and Dilute is not a contributing factor


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