The doctor orders Rocephin for patient with urinary tract infection. Before the nurse can start infusing the antibiotics intravenously the patient says “the doctor keeps ordering antibiotics I doubt if the antibiotics treatment will help me”.What will be the most appropriate response by the nurse?. A.Are you saying that you are feeling helpless and that any treatment will not help you with this problem?.

B.You have an excellent doctor the best in the business.

C.Look please let me do my job.I don’t have time,we are so short of staff right now.

D.If you want me to call the doctor for reassurance and clarification, I will do all that.

Correct answer is A.Patient needed emtional support and reassurance. You can give it to the patient. You don’t need to call the doctor for emotional support unless you have tried and failed. Shortage of staff is not the fault of the patient.Be nice. Follow doctor orders and instructions.

2.Desipramine is (antidepressant) ordered for a 59years old man who is admitted to the Psychiatric unit. After two weeks on the medication the nurse observed that the patient’s energy level has gone up.And patient has become more involved with other patients. Based on this patient’s behavior what would be the most appropriate conclusion that the nurse should reach?.

A.This patient is getting ready for discharge home with family members. B.Patient is healing faster than expected.

C.More food should be given to patient with paper plates.

D.Patient suicidal risk is greater now and patient should be monitored more closely. Correct answer is D.


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