1.Mr Lopez receives an AV fistula in preparation of his hemodialysis. The nurse will assess the AV fistula every shift. What will be the best approach for the assessment?.

A.Bend down to look at it very closely. B.Look for hemorrhage, thrombosis, or aneurysm.

C.Listen for bruit over the fistula. AV fistula is the connection of artery to a vein side to side or end to end.It requires 2 to 6weeks to mature.

D.It is the responsibility of the hemodialysis nurse so do nothing. Correct answer is C.

A,B,and D are wrong. So the best answer is C.

2. What is the nurse responsibilities for patient that receives AV fistula.

A. Monitor patient vital signs.

B.Check for intake and output. C.Monitor for coagulation .

D.Assess for bruit over the fistula site,assess for Patency, listen to bruit and feel for thrill.

Correct answer is D. A,B,C are good to do but the best answer that the examiner is looking for is D.

3.What are some of the complications of AV fistula?.

A.Carpal tunnel syndrome, hemorrhage, thrombosis or aneurysm. B.Severe headaches and nausea. C.Projectile vomiting, abdominal pain.

D.Bleeding from AV fistula site and severe headaches.

Correct answer is A. B,C,and D are wrong.

4.What is the purpose of hemodialysis?.

A. To restore the kidney back to life. B.Check for blood levels.

C.For angiotensin 1 and 11.

D.It is a procedure in which dialysis machine is used to filter waste from the kidney of people with endstage kidney disease. It is usually done three times a week, 3 to 4hours for procedure to clean the body of waste products, restores fluid,electrolytes and acid based balance.

Correct and best answer is D.


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