COVID19 lead to unemployment and hunger. So they are some how intertwined. Resolve COVID19 PANDEMIC unemployment will be reduced and hunger will be minimized and with time the number of people standing in line for food will decline.

So Food Pantries will be mainly for low income families and the homeless population. As a Registered Nurse nutrition is one of the prerequisites for nursing program.Atleast to my knowledge it is a requirement at University of Southern California. You cannot talk about nursing without nutrition, then it takes you to skin good nutrition, Braden scales.

COVID19 PANDEMIC is a health crisis that destroyed so many lives. A Nurse is educated and licensed in practice of nursing to be concerned with diagnosis, data collection, plan,implementation and evaluation of human response to treatment and nutritional needs. Millions of people are unemployed due to COVID19.

Unemployment lead to higher demand for food pantries because everyone deserves substance that will provide nourishment that will improve the nutrients and metabolic demands of the body.

The importance of food pantries cannot be overemphasized. The charitable food system is a basic necessity for vulnerable people in nearly all of the communities in America.

Food banks are important to address community health disparities through the provision of foods.

Problems such as poor nutritional intake,

poor cognitive function,

socioeconomic disorder and diseases such as personality disorders,



Obesity among adults. There are various organizations that are in support of this initiative such as:

  1. Agricultural food donations.

2.USDA nutritional guidelines.

3.CHD Food planning 2005.(Columbus Health Department)

Healthy food initiatives for low income families. Healthy foods such as fruits and vegetables.

Partnership with health and nutrition increased healthy food consumption, healthy living, improving weight, reduce emissions and decreased disparities.

Original Citation: Marianna S.Wetherill,Kayla C.White and Hilary Seligman.(2019)”Charitable food as prevention:Food bank leadership perspective on food banks as agent in the population “.

In nursing we evaluate nutritional status based on:

Height and weight.

Head circumference compared to a normal child with good nutrition.

Laboratory tests results. Hemoglobin, serum iron,serum ferritin,albumin .

The clinical outcomes with altered nutrition will include:

Skin dryness, hyperpigmentation or hypopigmentation,poor skin turgor.

Neurological disorders such as mental confusion sensory changes, teeth mottling,gingivitis, mouth easily bleeding, dull,brittle hair and nails.Facial edema manifestations, swelling. Eyes dull corneas, redness and fissures in corners of eyelids ,easy bruises of the skin.

So evaluation of financial status and the tools to assess this disparities will include but not limited to HOME OBSERVATION for the Measurement of the Environment, Family Apgar data.

In 1996 WIC was formed by the Federal government for women, infants and children. It is a program that provide low- income nutritionally at risk pregnant women. And since this program began it has helped so many people and have advanced in so many ways. There are FRAC(Food Research and Action Center)Head Start Grocery Stores etc.

Unsplash. com Nutrition. Dan Gold.

In conclusion the questions are why do we need all these food Pantries?.

The answer remains that we need more food pantries until all concerns and a complete understanding of the problems are resolved. An angry man is a hungry man.

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A Registered Nurse with over twenty years of hospital experience, an author with Masters Degree in Nursing,also Bachelor Degree in Nursing,graduated in 1996 from USC,University of Southern California.MSN in 2009 University of Phoenix.

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    1. It was a different and difficult time for so many families. People who have never been to food pantries in their lives were forced to go there to get food. But we are slowly moving forward to a totally different new beginning that will be much better.

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